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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia A - B

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AR-558 – the location of a Dominion communications relay in the Chin’toka system that Captain Sisko and his crew helped to defend during the Dominion War; Ensign Nog was wounded by the Jem’Hadar, and lost part of his leg due to the injury.

Achen, Lieutenant – an engineering officer onboard the USS Enterprise-E.

acribyte futures - one of the items the Orion Syndicate was using in the negotiations for the Iconian Gateways. Acribyte has been found only it one star system long after the Iconian race left the Alpha Quadrant, so Quark felt that the futures were more valuable than the dilithium mining rights on Dozaria.

Adabwe, Karen – an engineer on Deep Space Nine; during the attack, she was caught in a plasma leak, and then exposed to the vacuum of space due to a hull breach.

Advanced Tactical Training – a course taught to Starfleet officers, with recommendations from their commanding officers. Starfleet Lieutenant Ro Laren of the USS Enterprise-D had been at the top of her class. Commander Elias Vaughn had helped to develop part of the curriculum. At ATT, one week was spent on the Orion Syndicate, and two weeks were spent on Cardassia’s Obsidian Order.

Ahzed, Ensign – engineering officer assigned to Deep Space Nine.

Airlock Twelve – the docking port of Deep Space Nine where Jake Sisko took possession of the shuttle he bought from Quark.

Akorem Laan Museum, the - an art museum located on Bajor. Several years ago, the museum hosted an art exhibit featuring Europani duranium sculptures.

Alamo, the - a Spanish mission in San Antonio, the site of a battle for Texas independence from Mexico fought in 1836. Chief O’Brien and Doctor Bashir developed a fascination with the Battle of the Alamo that included a holosuite program and model built to scale.

Aldebaran, USS – the Nebula-class ship assigned to patrol and defend the Bajoran sector during the refit of Deep Space Nine’s computer system, as well as the Defiant’s upgrade. The ship was destroyed during a rogue Jem’Hadar attack in 2376.

Alexander – Worf’s human-Klingon son; member of the Klingon Defense Forces.

Alexandra’s Planet - a classified mission that involved Commander Elias Vaughn, an Iconian Gateway, and the Romulans occurred near this planet on Stardate 44765. During the Gateways crisis, portions of Commander Vaughn’s mission were declassified.

Alhan - Orion male that was punished for letting Treir to be captured.

Alle Tol – a Bajoran citizen who had been working in the Lower Core at the time of Kitana’klan’s escape; one of Kitana’klan’s four victims while he sabotaged the station’s core.

Allied task force – a joint Federation, Klingon and Romulan armada led by Starfleet Admiral Ross; was formed after the rogue Jem’Hadar attack on Deep Space Nine, and was en route to the Gamma Quadrant.

Alpha, the - the Hirogen hunter responsible for the death of the Malon crew of the Apsac. When the Euphrates entered the Delta Quadrant, he beamed both Colonel Kira Nerys and Taran’atar aboard the freighter, and used Kira as bait to draw Taran’atar out.

Alpha Quadrant – one of four sectors of space; home to the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union and part of the Klingon Empire. Many non-aligned races live in the Alpha Quadrant as well.

Alpha Quadrant Alliance, the – the united defense forces of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire against the Dominion forces during the two-year war, from 2374 to 2376.

Alpha Sierra - an attack pattern ordered by Captain Picard while the USS Enterprise-E was defending Trill from the defense perimeter drone ships.

Alpha Team - Commander William Riker of the USS Enterprise-E led Alpha Team when they beamed down to Verad’s stronghold on Trill in 2376. The Alpha Team took the left flank when they moved in on the terrorists.

Amber, Colonel - leader of the Regimental Volunteers during World War III at the Siege of Las Vegas in 2053.

Amenguale - Europani refugee on Deep Space Nine that developed a bad rash due to an allergic reaction to the arithrazine. Lieutenant Dax suggested that he go to the Infirmary.

Andorian ale – Quark served Andorian ale to Ensign ch’Thane and Morn during Jake Sisko’s welcome home party in 2376.

Andorian citrus drink – a clear, fizzy beverage Ensign ch’Thane wanted Lieutenant Nog to try after drinking a root beer.

Andorians – alien member race of the United Federation of Planets; blue-skinned, with white hair, and two sensory antennae on the top of their heads. Andorians marry in groups of four, and can be war-like.

Andorii - the native language of the Andorian race.

Ane, Turo – an engineering technician who was working on the Defiant’s computer refit at the time of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack, and was killed during the attack.

Anichent - one of three other Andorians that were a part of Thirashar ch’Thane’s mating group on Andor.

Anomaly, the – the Jem’Hadar term for the Bajoran Wormhole that connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.

Apsac - a Malon supertanker measuring seven hundred meters in length, the hull was composed of an alloy that included duranium and holivane. Ninety percent of the ship was for cargo space. During an export mission, the Apsac was attacked by the ‘ship of death’. The ship was designed by Marssi, the ship’s controller, and it had seven separate shields in conjunction with reinforced antimatter tanks. The Apsac had the lowest incidents of theta radiation poisoning. The mission statement of the vessel is to dispose of the waste that accrues from the use of antimatter in a manner that will not be harmful to the Malon community as a whole.

Arbiter of Succession - title held by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D while he had to choose between Gowron and Duras for the appointment of Chancellor of the Klingon High Council after K’mpec’s death.

Argelian flowers – bright green flowers with waxy, tubular blooms and a spicy scent. Quark sent a bouquet of Argelian flowers with Ensign ch’Thane when the Andorian was on his way to see Lieutenant Ro after the attack on the station.

arithrazine - medical treatment that deals with the side effects of theta radiation poisoning. Since receiving the distress call from Europa Nova, Doctor Bashir had the Infirmary replicating arithrazine – the Defiant’s dispensary was fully stocked and there would be enough for the Intrepid by the time they arrived two hours later.

ark – the case that the Orbs of the Prophets are kept in.

Arvada III – had a genocidal holocaust; one of Commander Vaughn’s memories while on board the Kamal.

arvat - a by-product of antimatter waste, when it leaks from the tanks, it creates a green haze.

Asgard – where Eric’s remains were being sent from Deep Space Nine.

Ashla - ancient Bajoran term for ‘giant’. Ashla was Kira Nerys nickname during her time on ancient Bajor, given to her by General Torrna.

assay office, the – a storage office on the Promenade of Deep Space Nine.

assistant manager of policy and clientele - Rom’s position when he worked in his brother Quark’s bar on Deep Space Nine.

Attainted – term for Bajorans no longer welcome by the faithful, forbidden to enter a temple, study the prophecies, wear the family earring, or pray with other Bajorans. Vedek Yevir recommended that Colonel Kira is Attainted, and the Vedek Assembly agreed.

Aurelius, Marcus – a great warrior of ancient Rome who had lost his taste for battle despite his successes. When Commander Vaughn was talking about retiring, Captain Picard brought up Marcus Aurelius when he suggested that Vaughn just needed a change of vocation.

Avatar, the – in Ohalu’s book of prophecy, this was the title given to the Emissary’s child.

Away Team – group of officers when they leave the ship to investigate a planet, ship or station.


B’hala – an ancient Bajoran city, once lost but found by Captain Benjamin Sisko. The city is being excavated by a religious order of vedeks.

Badlands, the – several sectors of space plagued by plasma storms that are between Bajoran and Cardassian space.

Bajora, the - on ancient Bajor, the Bajora were a democratic government that was trying to unite the planetary nation states under one banner of peace. Three Bajora envoys were at the first meeting of the Perikian Republic.

Bajoran comnet – the communications network for the planet Bajor. Colonel Kira uploaded the translation of the unnamed book of prophecy to the comnet, making it open to the public.

Bajoran earrings – symbols of family, of spiritual devotion to the Prophets and community.

Bajoran liaison - Major Kira Nerys’ job title when she was assigned as Commander Benjamin Sisko’s First Officer on Deep Space Nine, before the discovery of the wormhole.

Bajoran Militia – the military formed by Bajor after the Cardassian Occupation ended; Odo, Kurn, and Rom served in the militia.

Bajoran Wormhole – the only known stable wormhole; found in the Bajoran sector in 2369 by Commander Benjamin Sisko and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax. The wormhole connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants together.

Bantaca – central spire in B’hala.

baseball, the - given to Commander Benjamin Sisko during his first year at Deep Space Nine by an alien in the form of Buck Bokai of the London Kings. Sisko kept the ball on the desk of his office. When the military supporters of the Circle took over the station, Sisko left the ball on his desk. When the Dominion had pushed the Federation out of the Bajoran system, Sisko had left the ball as a message to Dukat that he would be back for it. When Jadzia Dax had died and Sisko left the station, he took the baseball with him, because he wasn’t sure if he would be back. After Sisko ascended to the Celestial Temple, Colonel Kira Nerys kept the ball on the desk after she took command of the station.

Bariel Antos - deceased Bajoran male, a former member of the Vedek Assembly, he died several days after a bomb went off onboard the Bajoran transport he and Kai Winn were taking to Deep Space Nine. Prior to his death, he and Kira Nerys were lovers, because of visions both had received from the Prophets through the orbs.

Barlin Field - located in the Makar Province of ancient Bajor, the Perikian Free Army won a major battle there against the Lerrit. General Torrna and Kira Nerys were both captured there.

barracks, the - in the Jem’Hadar hatchery on Sindorin, the one hundred eighty-two soldiers bred by Doctor Ethan Locken were kept in their birth groups in the barracks of the compound.

Bashir, Julian Lieutenant Commander – genetically enhanced human male; chief medical officer of Deep Space Nine.

bat’leths – Klingon hand weapons, a long curved blade, with three handholds, and four points, two on each end.

bateret leaves - on Bajor, the leaves are used to in incense burned during the Peldor Festival.

batos - Bajoran herd animals, described as big, smelly creatures.

Battle of Thermopylae - three hundred Spartans unsuccessfully defended a mountain pass from the Persian army; Doctor Bashir received a holosuite program of the battle shortly after the Dominion War ended.

bay one - the Defiant transporter bay where Commander Vaughn greeted the Europani refugees as they were beamed up from the planet.

bay two - transporter bay located on the second deck of the Defiant used to get the one hundred fifty refugees from the Europa Nova capital.

Bellis Nemani – one of the members of the unnamed council; wanted to send a covert team to Deep Space Nine to gather intelligence on the situation after the attack.

Bello - a small, timid woman from Europa Nova, she was the victim of theft on the way to Deep Space Nine – her necklace was stolen. Ensign Gordimer took Ms. Bello’s statement and promised to recover her jewelry.

Beta IV – the location of a civil war where eleven thousand men had beaten each other to death with sticks and rocks in one afternoon; one of Commander Vaughn’s memories while on board the Kamal.

Beta Kupsic – had an archeological dig in 2371 that Prylar Istani Reyla was heading for when she last spoke with Major Kira Nerys.

Beta Quadrant – one of four sectors of space; home to the Klingon Empire and the Ferengi Alliance, and many non-aligned races.

Betazed emancipation – the battle to reclaim Betazed from the Dominion; the first occasion that Commander Vaughn worked with the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.

Betazoids – a Federation-member race of telepaths. The home planet of Betazed was conquered during the Dominion War.

Big Lake, the - the Maqui name for the only large, open body of fresh water located on the southern tip of the subcontinent in the south hemisphere of Sindorin.

Big One, the - Vic Fontaine’s term for the final battle of the Dominion War.

bio-sorting routine - computer program routine that was used by the USS Enterprise-E and the Defiant to transport infected and uninfected Trill to Domes One and Four.

biosynthetic - a medical device that is able to replace lost or badly damaged limbs. Lieutenant Nog has a biosynthetic left leg, due to a wound he received at AR-558

Black Holes – a specialty drink served at Quark’s.

bloodwine – the preferred alcoholic beverage of Klingon warriors.

bock beer - preferred alcoholic beverage of Commander Elias Vaughn; Quark was able to serve a passable version of it.

book of obscenities, the – how Vedek Yevir thought of the unnamed book of prophecy that Prylar Istani had smuggled to Deep Space Nine.

Borg Collective, the - a race of cybernetic beings based out of the Delta Quadrant. Races and technology are assimilated into the collective in the pursuit of perfection. The Borg have been stopped from assimilating Earth on two separate occasions.

borhya – Bajoran word for spirit.

Bowers, Sam Lieutenant – human male, tactical officer on Deep Space Nine and the Defiant.

Brahms, Leah Doctor – a civilian warp design/engineering specialist. While on the USS Enterprise-D, Chief Engineer la Forge had designed a holodeck program of the warp engine, with a representation of Doctor Brahms. Later, Doctor Brahms had visited the ship, and found the program.

Bravo - an attack pattern ordered by Captain Picard while the USS Enterprise-E was defending Trill from the defense perimeter drone ships.

Bravo Team - Doctor Julian Bashir of the Defiant led Bravo Team when Verad’s stronghold had been found. The team included Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane.

Breen, the – non-aligned aliens, and former allies of the Dominion towards the end of the war. In 2376, the USS Enterprise-E searched the Badlands for three weeks, looking for suspected Breen activity.

Briar Patch - an area of space within Federation territory, with one class-M planet, the home of the Ba’ku. Metaphasic radiation in the planets rings constantly renew the Ba’ku, keeping them young. Section 31 allied themselves with the Son’a, to relocate the Ba’ku and collect the metaphasic radiation for their own use.

Broik – one of the Ferengi waiters working at Quark’s on Deep Space Nine.

Brunt – Ferengi male; a member of the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

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