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29 september 2002

As usual things are runnig behind shedual. Ive had big problems with my computer and almost all of my games were lost. ive saved a few and am in the proces of re making the rest. The website designs have been TOTALY lost so they need to be started again. will keep you updated but I wona have the site up by x mas. thanks for waiting, if you have any ideas please bo email me.

23rd March 2002

I havent checked on the site in a while. the number of hits has shot up which ime glad of. ime still working on my next game but ime taking my time and re working all the graphics now i have a new pc.

13th February 2002

I am working on a new game. Ile post up some info soon.

23rd November 2001

Why cant PC's just do what you tell them? That should be added to the mysteries of the world. Anyway AT LAST Delta 2 is now in the downloads section. Go check it out. There is no review yet but ile just tell you this. If you liked Delta then you will love delta 2. Its basicaly the same but with more special weapons and better graphics. GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW then let me know what you think.

21st November 2001

SORRY delta 2 isnt ready. well it is but i cant upload it. It will be up asap. hopefully some time to day. Again SORRY

18th November 2001

Just to let you know that Star Trek Delta 2 has now been fully playtested in the two player mode. There have been a few unexpected problems. The main one is that it is WAY to easy and ends up getting boring. So ile just make a few changes and the game will be available to download on TUESDAY 20th of November. Also information about my next game "which is already in development" will be anounced shortley after.

15th November 2001

1000 hits. My site has now had 1000 hits thanks for everyones interest in my games and keep visiting the site. Also I thought I would tell you the three ships you can controle in Delta 2 they are. Akira, Defiant and Intrepid.

15th November 2001

A new game is in development. I've just completed the testing stage for the game which is going to feature a brand new A.I. system. At the moment the new A.I. beats me every time so I might have to play it down a bit.

15th November 2001

Star Trek Delta 2 is gold. Or complete if you dont know gaming terminology. Ime just making the appropriate pages for the site and doing some final play testing in the multi player mode. Then the game will be uploaded. Hopefully some time over the week end.

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