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The Grinch Is Racist

If any movie in the world could be more subliminally racist and get away with it, it would be a marvel of the movie world. How much more racist can a movie get.

Let's start with the fact hes green. And everyone else is white. Of course, white, what other fuckin color would they be. But notice how they treat him. He lives on top of a pile of garbage, he eats garbage, he's a social outsider, and no one wants to associate with him in any way at all. What this sounds like right here is fuckin racism. Maybe Dr. Seuss was a secret member of the KKK, or some whacked out shit like that. But no normal person comes up with a story like this unless you're a member of the Beatles and you're on one of your usual highs. Like the segregated restaurants and bathrooms and drinking fountains, Whoville has a seperate part of town for their colored friend, on top of a pile of shit. Im so pissed off at this damn movie it's hard to spit out words, it's like training all the little white children of America to hate everyone because of their looks, let's look at this in a rational point of view, because everyone knows the average attention span last about 30 minutes when interested, so for the first 30 minutes of the movie the little kids are learning how to hate colored people, and then for the rest of the time they bitch about how they have to piss and are hungry and shit, and they miss the "lesson" or whatever, as short as it is and obviously a weak attempt, on how racism is bad. So bascially, it was a $6 lesson on how to make colored people outcasts. Then they force him to wear a goofy costume and dance around and be happy against his will, clearly humiliating and approving of such behavior to any of the kids who are still paying attention for a random bullshit reason. Either America is incredibly stupid and never picked up on this from the start with that sicks racist bastard Dr. Seuss, or everyones cool with the idea of being racist and practices in their spare time. I can't even imagine that dick John Edwards is as racist as this shitty excuse for a movie. To top off the incredibly bad prejudice towards colored folk, the hair on some of the cretins is like what happens when people from Chernobyl travel to the outside world.

Malcom X wouldn't let this shit happen. He'd have his crazy ass all over Ron Howard, that no-talent assclown of a movie director. Where is fuckin Bill Cosby to step up when he's needed. The world needs more black leaders in society, there are enough white ones. Black people need to step up and level the playing field and let white people know that if they want to make subliminal hints about racism, they aren't going to get away with that shit. Hell I'm not proud this movie went down. It means more little white kids are going to grow up sending their shit to black people living in poverty and think nothing of it. You know what. Bite my ass, right here, on the right cheek, and get a firm grip of it, because unless its a war movie or its a documentary on how France is a bunch of greasyballed tallywhackers, I'm done with movies.

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