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My Favorite things about Counter-Strike

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I added a new main image as you can probably tell. In case you were worried, your sound file worked perfectly! Keep up the good work!lol. Btw I always miss U!

That new animation is so stinkin cute!! Much <3

I tried to add a new picture for you but apparently I did something wrong...please help..the picture is downloaded in the webshell thingy??
Gotta love computer illiterate people!
Much <3

So apparently you didn't see that I said hi to last night...I am on my cousins comp, and I was missin you so here I am =) Your pics are so cute! I think I have some competition now for the beauty contest!! I am glad you like Harry Potter!! I miss you talk to you tonight!
Much <3

Yet again I am retarded and don't know what I am doing, I made a video for you, as well as taking new pics for you, I put the tongue one and one other new one up on myspace, but I need help, I can't get the video on here?!?!?! I am frustrated...I miss you
Btw I already miss u
<3 Rosie

Well, I went and saw your pics before I even saw this message, and I must say you are so stinkin cute, and so flippin As for the video, I put a link to it on your page. Then I watched You are way to cute. The only problem is, now I have lip marks on my screen. I thought it was an interactive Anyway, Ill talk to you tonight!

Hey there! In case you didnt notice, I changed the countdown at the bottom of this page. It used to be for your sisters birthday, but seeing as how that occasion has already passed, I made a new countdown. Hope you like it!

Thanks for being here when i needed to talk ass, I just got jumped, had my earings ripped out it was 5 on 1 and I still whopped some ass, it is 3 am 6 your time and i need to tal;k ill stay oin everything including skype where i hope to talk tomorrow morning polkkz wake me upo!!
btwimoiss and love you!! <3 Rosie

I miss you....I love you....I can't wait until the day when I can say I helped him as much as he has helped me!!
BTW I miss your comfort
<3 Rosie

Wednesday September 28th I remember the first day we met in Counter Strike...well almost the first day, I remember I always hated your name, and hated the way you worshiped thr ferret in cs_office. Three cheers in front of him to bring you luck. It seems like so long ago when you used to write me poems that made me late for work, when we used to talk every minute of every day, and even when I used to fall asleep to the comfort of your voice. You have become a part of me as much as I hate to admit it, I have grown in life because of you. I hate the fact that it ended, I hate not knowing why it happened, but mostly I hate knowing that your ok with leaving me. I know that it is time, but how do you tell your heart to move on from a friend that you have loved, since the moment he listened to your drunk ass puke on the phone. :/ I know that what we had was special, and I hope that you will from time to time think about the way it was, you know before all of my problems came between us. All I ask is that you do not forget to miss me... BtwIWillAlwaysMissYou <3 Rosie