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Praesidium Imperator Joining Information:


Praesidium Imperator is a player association on the Starsider Galaxy. PI is for the mature role-player of an imperial character. PI is not a “leet” or obsessed pking association but rather a place where those with imperial characters can role-play in as imperials in the Star Wars universe although we do have plans to participate in the Galactic Civil War. PI will hold many role-playing fun and serious events in the future. In addition we plan to found the city of “Amor” as a home for role-playing imperials but not without all the grandeur and riches that comes with being part of the empire! PI strides itself as building a community dedicated to strength and unity and the order that comes with it.


Praesidium Imperator also features a richly detailed member controlled system of government, with different branches, ruled by “magistrates” who will be elected by the rest of the members. More details will come on this very soon. We expect to be electing our magistrates for October soon. Currently we are the working the final schematics of our government, details will be posted the magistrates section in time.


Our guild hall is currently located just outside Kaadara on Naboo at 6116, 6747.


The creator of Praesidium Imperator is Marcus Gilad Pellaeon (Gilad for contacting purposes) who elsewhere was the founder and guild leader of the two very successful guilds “Imperium” and “Novus Imperia” in the fantasy role-playing game Dark Ages. Novus Imperia is still going strong in Dark Ages. Take a look at its website to see what its creator did.


If you play or played Dark Ages Marcus Gilad Pellaeon in Galaxies is none other then Lord Ramanayan Caesar from Dark Ages. Let us know if you him from Dark Ages!


Requirements for joining Praesidium Imperator:

Applicant = Character


- Applicant must be either a covert or declared Imperial.

-Applicant must be mature and willing to role-play.


- No heretical applicants are accepted. What does this mean? Stay in character at all times. If you must say something out of character place it in double parentheses or use private communication. (( OOC MESSAGE ))

- No immature and/or profane applicants are accepted.


If interested or just want more information:


You can either contact the Praesidium Imperator leader here or in game on the character Gilad in the Starsider Galaxy. In your letter please tell about your character and why you are interested in Praesidium Imperator.


Also include this application:





Birth world:

Current home world:


Covert or Declared Imperial:

Imperial Rank:


Opinion of the Emperor’s New Order:

Why you wish to join Praesidium Imperator:

As a loyal citizen of the empire what event in your life makes you most proud to serve:


Please feel free to add any comments about yourself.