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  Welcome to Praesidium Imperator

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Welcome to Praesidium Imperator's offical website. Praesidium Imperator is a player assosication for mature role-players of Imperial characters in the Starsider Galaxy. Praesidium Imperator will feature much in content and diversity as it strives to serve the will of the Emperor and defeat the rebellion for all time! Have a look about and see what Praesidium Imperator has to offer.

  Latest News

Praesidium Imperator founded!
posted by Gilad on 9/15/03 - Praesidium Imperator has been fully founded and is ready to accept and admit new members and all pre-founders. Contact Gilad in game if you are a pre-founding member. If your interested in joining please check out our updated joining information section. Elections for magistrates will be starting in another week or so.

Praesidium Imperator Declared!
posted by Gilad on 8/22/03 - Praesidium Imperator, a mature role-playing player assosication on the Starsider Server, has been annouced and founding members are wanted. Please visit the joining information section for more details and more information on PI. More content to the site will be added soon.

Current SWG event:
Cries of Alderaan
Act 1

Learn about the city of Amor that will soon be founded by Praesidium Imperator. This great city will serve as an example for all the empire!

Site News
8/22/03- Bare bones of the site is now up and running. Much more in content will be added as Praesidium Imperator and Amor begin to take shape.

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