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Miscellaneous Links

Even the spiders make few webs in this unstable pile of parchment. Wondering what you might find in such a collection, and perhaps motivated by some deep morbid curiosity, you take a handful from the top of the stack and begin leafing through the pages. You soon sympathise with the scribes' plight - many of these miscellaneous links are quite useful but refuse to fit neatly in any other category.

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Azpodian Nullspace v2.00

A peculiar blend of different themes; this strikes a resonant chord with the Guildhall. It's the personal site of "Azpod", professional games programmer, fantasy and science fiction reader and writer, Christian. Take the time to read what he's got put up - if the Guildhall interests you, odds are so will this. Also take a look at the Illogica page, detailing his MUD-engine project.


A Puritan's Mind

These days, Christianity is very poorly understood by most, even many who call themselves Christians. This site takes a very logical, formal and thorough approach to doctrine, theology and apologetics. Much of the material will be difficult to understand for the average reader, and it does tend to talk down to those who are not familiar with its technical language. Nevertheless, this site provides excellent material on most aspects of Christianity.

Historical Re-Creation

The Society for Creative Anachronism

Honestly, you can't do Web research on anything related to mediaeval Europe without running into something from the SCA. They're not just some online repository, though - this is definitely something the Guildmaster will have to look into in its offline incarnation. In the meantime, take a look for yourself.

True Miscellany

World Rock Paper Scissors League

Well, what can I say? It's rock-paper-scissors, organised and online. It's defunct, but there's some nifty stuff (like the palindrome list) floating around. And it goes to show, you can find anything, anything online.