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Our purchase of a used 2004 "mellow yellow" t@b trailer

Well it's about time.

One spring day in 2006 driving home from work, I saw this really cool yellow trailer on a tiny little RV lot near my house. I go do a little research, and it's a new kind of unit, made by Thor Industries. They make a lot of trailers. I think they make those popular Dutchman trailers. I've never seen one of these.

tab still on the lot

And this one is used. Price is $4,000 - $5,000 less than new. Boy they got my attention there. Some say they are overpriced. But you pay a price for light (and well-made/well engineered for that matter), in the travel industry. I'm liking this style. Double pane plastic windows with retractable reflective shades and retractable screens. Lots of storage. Comes with a large tent attachment and a unique wide awning. Construction is a new aluminum/fiberglass layered deal. Really cuts down on the weight. "T@b" stands for "take America back", kind of a theme for the retro look for the unit. There's a good size group of travelers that build and use teardrop trailers. They are really fun. They allow you to tow with just a regular size vehicle. Not all of us have a big honking truck. Nor can we afford the gas these days for one of those. So this looks like a really fun unit. It has standing room of about 5'9", and I'm about 5'10", so that works.

I had been looking for a folding trailer for a couple years at least. Never could settle on anything. I do a fair amount of travel, mostly for fun. I like the redwoods a lot. I like the ocean. I've been to Baja quite a few times. When I go, I often stop quickly for the night in a rest area or a Walmart, so a tent trailer isn't the best solution for me anyways. I look inside this trailer, and it is perfect. Only weighs 1,400 lbs empty.

nice looking galley - everything a camper needs

So when I saw this little beauty, I kinda just had to have it. Checked with the wife - she says OK. I call the credit union for the loan - they have 6% for five years, and they approve me. I think we're a go.

One last little detail. I borrowed some money, so I had to pay down the rest. A princely sum for a skinflint like me. Well, the day before, I get my federal tax return. Guess how much. Exactly, within a hundred or so, of what I need. Yeah, I think this is falling into place quite nicely! I usually am very conservative with finances, but the kids are starting to leave home for good, and I ain't gettin' any younger. What the heck. I'm goin' for it.

table seats four easily

It has a heater, a three way fridge (12v, 120v and propane) two burner stove, 5 gallon water supply with sink and electric pump. I like to take trips in the winter, so the heater is a big plus. They say trailer heaters wear down your battery pretty fast. The propane lasts for weeks, but the fan really pulls a lot of juice. So I'm going to pack my little coleman propane tent heater too. That should do the trick just fine for those really cold nights.

view from inside front door and window

Now you folks remember to leave plenty of ventilation with those tent heaters. Carbon monoxide is not something you want to fool with. The trailer heater is vented to the outside, but not so the portable tent heater.

bed fully extended is 70 inches x 72 inches according to my measuring tape. Not bad at all.

It should tow behind my 4 Runner real smooth. The U-shaped dinette folds out into a large bed. It's around 5'8" wide and maybe 6 feet long. (I can't read the specs on the t@b website. See link at the bottom of this page. That'll take you there). Lots of room for the kids 'n me. Or the wife 'n me. But probably not all of us. Oh well. I can always fold down the 4 Runner seats. Or attach the tent. Now all I gotta do is figure out where to go for the next trip! I got a line on a new spot in New Mexico that might be just the ticket.

t@b finds a new home

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