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Top 10 Backpacking Tips

For travellers thinking about heading to Australia, we offer these tips for planning a trip. However, these are only our opinions and everyone has different tastes.

  • 1. Don't take the Oz Experience bus up the east coast. They are more concerned with getting kickbacks for taking passengers to certain places than with giving you the best experience.
  • 2. Get advice from other backpackers about where to go and what to do as the advice is unbiased. Travel agents get a commision.
  • 3. Do some research ahead of time. You can't swim on the east coast after october due to jellyfish, the best waterfalls in Kakadu are inaccessable during the wet season, and you can't tour Ayers Rock and the Olgas if it gets too hot.
  • 4. Save money on accomodation and food, use it on the multitude of once in a lifetime activities available.
  • 5. Shop around when booking tours. You can often bargain with travel agents to get a better deal.
  • 6. Fosters is Australian for tourist beer. They don't drink it.
  • 7. Australians will give you funny looks if you talk about "throwing a shrimp on the barbie", especially if you do so with a fake Australian accent.
  • 8. Backpackers snore. Buy earplugs if you plan to stay in shared rooms.
  • 9. Save at least 2 weeks for New Zealand, this adventure filled country is not to be missed.
  • 10. Eat kangaroo, it's tasty.



Other Backpacker's Advice

  • Australians don't really dress like Crocodile Dundee. They will laugh at you if you wear khaki shorts and vest, with a croc tooth hat. - Robert, USA




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