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Geoffrey Andrew Kish


AGE: 23
STATUS: Single, but taken by woman trained in art of kung fu
OCCUPATION: World traveler, chocolate connoisseur, international marketing on the side
LUXURY ITEM: Samsonite II 30" upright with honeycomb frame, rollerblade wheels, expandability features, and secret compartment for illegal chocolate stashes
SONG: Kryptonite (If I go crazy, then will you still call me superman)
MOVIE: Forrest Gump (reminiscent of own childhood)
TV SHOW: Survivor I, II, III, IV ...
BOOK:Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
CHILDREN'S STORY: Cat in the Hat
FOOD: Chocolate, preferably weighing more than his cat Jinx


Geoff is a 23 year old who hails from Reston, Virginia (the town is best known for Ebola-infected monkeys, featured in the movie "Outbreak"). In his early years, young Geoff was a jet-setter, traveling the world with his parents, Steve and Marie, his younger brother Greg, and his cat, Jinx, and living in such exotic places as Moscow, Tel Aviv and Bermuda.

Geoff graduated from the prestigious College of William and Mary in 1999, with a major in International Relations and a minor in marketing. He worked for a year as an assistant buyer at Hechts, and wants you to understand that he controlled the workings of a 20 MILLION DOLLAR LUGGAGE OFFICE, and he was NOT a sales associate, in fact he eats them for breakfast, when he is not chomping on vegemite n' toast, which he now has a taste for.

Australia was a chance for Geoff to get in touch with his inner child, and if you talk to him now, you will discover he has fully harnessed his chi. He is looking for a good, career-enhancing marketing job now that he's back in the States, and says that his best assets are his big, cheerful, tooth-flashing grin, and his incredible wit.



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