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Sydney to Cairns

The East Coast

After 3 months of living in Sydney, we were excited to finally start our journey. We set out up the well-traveled east coast of Australia, filled with amazing beaches and unusual wildlife. Our first stop was a sheep station in the small town of Nundle where we got to try our hand at sheering our own sheep! Kate also won second place in the mechanical sheep-riding contest that night, barely being edged out by a local.

In between many weeks of lazing around in the sun working on our tans, we took a few side trips a bit away from the usual trail. A day trip to the hippie commune town of Nimbin proved quite the experience as we socialized with the hundred or so residents who refused to admit the 60's were over. Whilst in Brisbane, a hour train ride into the Glass House Mountains brought us to the home of one of our favorite Australians - the Crocodile Hunter. He was just as crazy in person, being chased by crocodiles as his wife and baby daughter looked on. That same day, Geoff spent some time with a local resident discussing world politics and global warming issues.

One of the best trips we went on was a 3-day camping trip to Fraser Island, where dingoes roamed free and lake swimming proved much more friendly than the shark filled ocean surrounding the uninhabited sand island.

As a last minute decision, we decided to go on a 3-day sailboat cruise around the Whitsunday Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Our days were spent sailing, scuba diving, and soaking up rays on one of the world's most beautiful beaches - Whitehaven.

Near the end of our 2-month trip up the Coast, we visited a crocodile farm where we really got to see some crocs up close! There was also an opportunity to feed the wallabies, which are far cuter than their overrated cousins the kangaroos.

Our journey ended in the party town of the East coast - Cairns. It was from here that we set off to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, swimming through beautiful coral formations amongst reef sharks and exotic fish. Although halfway through our journey time wise, the adventure had just begun.





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