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NX-SG It was fun.

Howdy y'all. I know I haven't been on in the longest time, and I've moved on from the good old days of clans and Star Trek games. But, I just wanted to commemorate NX-SG for what it was. NX-SG was one of the longest lasting and greatest clans around. We had awesome players, and a great team spirit. It saddens me to see that this great clan has passed... But, we have so many great memories and friendships that have come out of it. So, every time you look back at NX-SG, don't remember the bad times, remember all those times that we would flood the lobby and fight with the members of the Mighty Clan. I miss you all so much! I might start signing onto my old account again if anyone wants to say howdy. I had a great time and am proud to have NX-SG in my past. It's been a blessing to know you all. Rest in peace NX-SG. Live long and prosper. --Brandon (Kirk) 11.14.03

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