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Nome Alaska

What gear footwear and clothing should I bring to Nome?

This page is developing into a guide as to what clothing, accessories, and gear a visitor might want to bring along on a visit to Nome along with some links to help make your shopping easy.

Obviously a lot will depend on what time of year you visit, the weather, and what you want to do. We'll try to cover as many scenarios as possible as this page takes shape.

boots Boots - No matter which season you visit, you will want a pair of good boots. Whether you are going to just walk around town, or venture out into the tundra or ice, choose hiking boots during the warmer months and snow or pac boots for outdoor activities when it gets frigid.

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snowmobile suit Snowmobile Accessories - If you are going snowmobiling, be prepared with clothing that will keep you dry and warm. Bring the proper snowmobile clothing including a suit or jacket and bibs, boots, and don't forget a helmet and gloves.

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Nome Weather

Summer is the wettest season in Nome, with frequent storms passing through and cloudy skies common. Average highs are in the 50s (F) and average lows in the mid 40s.

During Fall there is also frequent precipitation. As the temperature begins dropping, snow can start to fall in September, with accumulation begining in November.

Except in the case of an unusual warm spell, temperatures do not usually top the freezing mark after mid-Novmeber throughout the Winter. Average lows are below zero from December through March, with strong winds and blowing snow frequent hazards during these months.

Precipitation reaches a minimum in Spring. As the temperature rises and the snow cover melts, messy conditions can persist.