Mission One: Into the Lion's Den


1.) An unstable wormhole opened by a new and secret weapon created by the rising new Dominion Empire, was unwittingly trapped the USS Nile in it’s pull,and brought her and her crew to who-knows-where, deep inside the Gamma Quadrant, and Dominion Space.

2.) Upon the rather rough exit of the wormhole created by the rising Dominion powers, Captain Mace and her crew stumble upon a spaceport, where they see dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Cardassian and Jem’Hadar war ships being manufactured. They are subsequently chased away by the protection force, consisting of Jem’Hadar short range defense fighters.

3.) Mutiny! The Chief of Security and Tactical, Lieutenant Sharpe, has decided to take it upon himself to disobey Captain Mace’s orders. He has rallied ten cadets to steal a shuttle and go back to the spaceport to attempt to destroy it, seeing it as a huge threat to the Federation. Mace must now decide to go back to rescue the apparently insane officer, or leave him to his fate, along with ten cadets he’d rallied for help. A vote will be taken, but the decision ultimately lies with her.

4.) The crew decided to take two of the remaining shuttlecraft, with six more experienced crewmen aboard each, to rescue Sharpe and his team. Mace’s team finds Sharpe’s first team, and Solmarr’s team finds the second. All but three of the original eleven are dead. But Mace will leave none behind, and has the second shuttle beam up the remains of Sharpe’s second team, and Solmarr’s own, then immediately return to the Nile. But the other shuttle has been destroyed. Now Mace and Sharpe have to figure out how to escape with their lives, and the lives of both their teams.

5.) After discovering escape craft in the bowls of the space station, Mace and Sharpe captain two of them and head for the Nile. But they don’t get far before Jem’Hadar defense shuttles begin their chase. Outgunned and outmaneuvered, the teams must use their wits and skill to escape and get back to the Nile.

6.) Mission Over, Stardate 239301.01. Ten crewmen lost. Current Crew Staff Count: 88. A new mission will begin shortly.

Mission Two: The Forgotten

1.) Low on supplies, Captain Mace and her crew must scavange for them at any place they can get them. But is it worth risking their lives to visit a suspected abandoned Cardassian work camp?

More to come!