The year is 2393. The Dominion War is long over, but the bitterness of it lingers still today, and probably will for years to come. Most of the Federation star ships and frigets were destroyed during the war, but a few remain in tact and in use. The USS Nile, a Centaur class friget, is one of them. She's seen many battles during the Dominion War, but was always able to come out barely scratched. Because of this, her crew calls her Lucky Nile.

Captain Shasta Mace has been with her on patrol of the Gamma Quadrant boarder, just inside the Delta and Beta Quadrants, for two years now. The Nile was her very first command assignment. Most of the crew had been cadets, earning their Ensign's Pips in their two year away program, to move ahead in Star Fleet, and become great on other ships. The two year mark has come, and now it was time to take on new cadets and ensigns, searching for quiet away missions, that were pretty much useless, except for star gazing.

This time, however, things will be... different. A terrible secret will be uncovered, and it will be up to the USS Nile, and her small crew of mainly Cadets and Ensigns, to travel huge distances, stay alive in hostile territory, and do the impossible - save the Federation from total and utter destruction.

These are the uniforms of the USS Nile.