Petty Officer 1st Class Kitra Matthews

Name:  Kitra "Night" Matthews
Sex:  Female
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  130 lbs.
Age:  22
Race:  1/2 Bajoran, 1/2 Human
Eye/Hair:  Brown/Hazel
Languages:  Bajoran, Federation Standard, Cardassian, some Vulcan and Romulan
Features:  Typical nasal ridge as seen in all Bajorans. Could pass as a full-blooded Bajoran.
Interests:  Working out, playing around on the holodeck, painting, and just hanging out with friends.
Bio:     Kitra was born to a Bajoran mother and Human father on the planet of Bajor. Two years after her birth, her brother Daniel was born.

Kitra, or Night as she is usually called, led a fairly normal life on Bajor with her family until she was 15. It was then that her mother left the planet for a couple weeks on business. Her transport never reached itís destination. None of the 19 people onboard were seen or heard from again, and it was later discovered that they had been captured by Cardassians, who claimed they were spies and part of an underground network of rebels.

Upon hearing the news, Night and Danielís father quickly took them to Earth, for fear that someday his children might end up in a Cardassian prison as well if they stayed.

On Earth, Night and Daniel finished school and both went on to join Starfleet.
Contact information:
AIM:  Nilaraniel
Yahoo IM:  Nilaraniel
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