Commander Verik

Name:  Verik
Sex:  Male
Height:  6'4"
Weight:  160 lbs.
Age:  33
Race:  Vulcan
Eye/Hair:  Black hair and Dark brown eyes
Languages:  Vulcan, English, Romulan, Cardassian, Standard Dominion, and Bajorian
Features:  Verik is of Average build. But even despite his average size his strength, as is most Vulcan’s, is far above average. His face appears to be slightly worn by many years of pure logic.
Interests:  Meditation, Studying different cultures, and languages.
Bio:     Born on Vulcan, Verik was raised with a life of pure logic. At a young age he grew quite attached to his pet sehlat. After its death he realized that all creatures die and that it is the way of the universe. The rest of his childhood was spent studying the ways of Surak.

When he reached the age of 18 he enrolled into Starfleet Academy and was accepted. His days at the Academy were routine to say the least. Verik excelled in almost every class he was in, the exception being diplomatic relations. He received his only non-perfect grade in his Diplomatic Relations class; he later learned that his grade was due to his life of logic. He went on and graduated first in his class, and was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence.

Verik spent 6 years in Starfleet Intelligence; all missions he participated in are highly classified and can not be revealed for reasons of Federation Security. During this time in Starfleet Intelligence, Verik earned the rank of Lt. Cmdr.

Verik was then transferred to the USS Galadriel, a Sovereign-class vessel, where he served as the Chief Science Officer. He distinguished himself several times during his time on the Galadriel, but never really fit in with the crew. After two years of service on the Galadriel, Verik was promoted to Commander and transferred to the USS Nile.

Verik has served as the Executive Officer onboard the USS Nile for 3 years and currently has settled into a fascinating routine.
Contact information:
AIM:  noone300
Yahoo IM:  noone165
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