Lieutenant Kaelyth Solmarr

Name:  Kaelyth Solmarr
Sex:  Male
Height:  6'5"
Weight:  230 lbs.
Age:  49 Lessanthi Standard (147 Terran Standard)
Race:  Lessanthi
Eye/Hair:   Deep Mahogany, to the middle of his back when in ponytail; Gold-and-Silver marbleized together
Languages:   Lessanthi, Galactic Standard (Federation), Cardassian
Interests:   Playing harp, writing poetry, and collecting unique blades
Bio:      Kaelyth was born to Nyrra and Zedaen Solmarr on the Sixth day of the Tenth Month in the Year of The Sword in Sendell, the capitol city of Lessantha 147 years ago (Terran Standard. One Lessanthi year is equivalent to 3 Terran Standard years). A bright child from the beginning, Kaelyth learned quickly, driving him far ahead of the other children his age. This also produced a large curious streak in him which drove him to the Libraries every day until he was old enough to leave planet and explore on his own.
At the age of 18 (Lessanthi... 54 Terran), he left Lessantha in search of adventure and greater learning. The first he found easily enough. Several times, he and his ship came close to destruction. The second, he found in Spades.
For the next 30 years (Lessanthi... 90 Terran), he traveled the galaxy in search of new and interesting life forms and information. It was during these years that he met and married Enyrra. She was a child of a distant world, and the most beautiful creature he had ever met. They had one daughter, Siyarra, and lived very happily for many years. Until a freak storm on a far world claimed the lives of both Enyrra and Siyarra.
Sadness claimed him for a while; but, in the end, he traveled on, knowing that this was what they would have wished him to do. His travels led him through many strange and interesting spaces before bringing him, at last, to the Federation. These included, but were not limited to, Cardassian, Romulan, Dominion, and even Borg spaces. And during that time, he had been subjected to many trials and found much beauty.
After watching the workings of the Federation for a short time, he decided that his skills would best be used in the StarFleet. So he placed an application, and was accepted to the Academy under the Operational Specialty of Science... specialty in Astrometrics. After 1 year (Lessanthi... 3 Terran), he graduated the Academy with high honors and was snapped up immediately by Intelligence at first. But his talents were not suited to Intel. So Admiral Rellyph-Norrym returned him to he main flow of StarFleet and sent him to the USS Nile.