Lieutenant(JG) Kris Hegh Russel

Name:  Kris Hegh Russel
Sex:  Male
Height:  1.97m
Weight:  92 Kg.
Age:  28
Race:  Klingon/Human
Eye/Hair:  black/brown
Languages:  Federation standards and poorly Klingon
Features:  Although he is half Klingon he looks like a full blood, but because he's raised by humans he acts like a human. He has a dragon around a sword tattood on his right shoulder.
Interests:  Making holodeck programs. He has made his own program that he's been updating since he started his first lesson on holodeck technology at the Academy. It's based on the television show Stargate SG1 and it already contains more then 100 diffrent worlds.
Bio:     Russel was raised on Earth by his human father and human stepmother. His real Klingon mother left them when he was only a few months old.

Although he wasn't accepted anywhere he went because of his Klingon appearance, he could always count on the support of his younger half-brother, Mitch.

They tended the Academy together, Kris had waited 2 years before going in, so he could go together with his brother. They graduated together, Kris was 2nd and Mitch was 3rd of the class. But they got split up when they got their assignments. Kris was shipped off to the Delta quadrant on a scientific and research mission, and Mitch was shipped of to DS9 to get on a survey mission into the Gamma Quadrant.

After Kris returned, he heard that his brotherís ship and all passengers had vanished, without a trace. Kris Hegh Russel then knew that he had to go to the Gamma Quadrant to find out the truth. He signed up for any ship that was going towards the Gamma Quadrant. He didn't care if he was in it or close to it; he just wanted to be there. And what he got was the USS Nile.
Contact information:
AIM:  VoltaAC
Yahoo IM:  voltaac
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