Captain Shasta Mace

Name:  Shasta Mace
Sex:  Female
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  121 lbs.
Age:  34
Race:  Risan
Eye/Hair:  Blond hair and Blue eyes
Languages:  Federation Universal, Risan, Klingon Common, Cardassian Common, Studying Romulan.
Features:  A long scar runs down her back, all the way from the back of her right ear down to the base of her tail bone. She, nor anyone else, knows where it came from, for it was given to her perhaps only months after her birth, and never faded. Her hair is long enough to fall nearly to her knees, but she keeps it up tight in a braid. She's forceful, and demands the utmost respect from her crew.
Interests:  Holonovels, both reading and writing, poetry, and intence hoverblading simulations. She also enjoys playing holodeck games of several types, and trying new things.
Bio:     She was born to a worker at the Risan Pleasure Planet. She grew up there under the watchful eye of her parents friends, after she was orphaned by a freak shuttle accident when she was three. It was from here that she learned about Star Fleet, and everything it had to offer. On her birth planet, she'd nothing to look forward to but becoming one of the Risan pleasure girls. So, when she was fifteen, she packed her bags, and stoleawayed on a trade ship headed for Earth. Once there, she went to Star Fleet with great ambitions.

She studied command, having been pushed around all of her life. She wanted respect, and soon earned it, dispite the fact that she was Risan, and often had unwanted sexual advances placed on her. She graduated when she was 26, and served aboard three ships before earning her Captain's pip, and given her first command position aboard the USS Nile.
Contact information:
AIM:  decepticonangei
Yahoo IM:  captain_shasta_mace
MSN Messenger: