Lieutenant JG Sela Oralee Torrin

Name:  Sela Oralee Torrin
Sex:  Female
Height:  5'0"
Weight:  96 lbs.
Age:  24
Race:  Human
Eye/Hair:  She had dark brown hair that goes just past the shoulders and is almost always kept in a pony-tail. Her eyes are a soft, dark brown.
Languages:  She is fluent in English and Hebrew, and knows scattered words from other languages.
Features:  There is a tattoo around her left eye of a 6 pointed star.
Interests:  Her interests include flying, and studying history mainly. Often her hobbies include a combination of both. She enjoys time in the holosuite, spent in old machines and other such inventions made as a first attempt at flight in various cultures and on various planets. Her favorite of these being the hang glider.
Bio:     Sela was born in Jerusalem a very short while after her father's death. The shock of the news having sent her mother into a premature labor of twins. Her sister didn't survive, and was dead even before she was born. Sela barely survived, as did her mother. Both were weak afterwards, especially her mother, who was struck hard about the loss of her husband, and one child.

Her mother begun ignoring her, slipping away, dying slowly for her to watch and see. How she survived those early years was a miracle in itself as her mother slowly began forgetting her entirely. At one time, telling her she was dead, and not realizing it. By the time Sela entered school her mother had died, leaving her without any family.

She found herself alone, wandering, hoping to join her parents and sister wherever it was they were. Praying she could reach them. Though she was taken in, she often transferred homes, because no one could take care of her for some reason or other. Mainly because she shunned those who took her in, ignoring them most of the time.

As she grew older she began not just ignoring, but rebelling. The tattoo was a result of this, coming during her exceptionally short time with a couple that seemed to dislike her immensely for her heritage. Her revenge was simply, asking for a symbol that would serve as a link to it, and having it made into a tattoo. Everywhere she stayed she made a negative mark, mostly because, everyone she stayed with by then didn't care. Those who had cared had tried taking her in earlier, though she hadn't been aware enough to know it.

She was the lost cause, shuffled along a course of descending care until, in her mid-teenage years the family that got her was abusive, harsh and controlling. And they had no intention of letting her move on, only making her life more miserable, the more she rebelled against them. The final result... she ran away. She was out on her own, and would stay that way.

She made her way far away from Earth in a very short time, finding herself in the midst of a more vast and dark reality then she had ever believed existed. Though she had come to know of it's reality in her last home. But at least now she was on her own.

She spent her time searching, searching for a job, searching for a place to live, searching for what to become, but most of all, searching for the meaning of it all.

The first two of which she answered with a bit of time, settling into a career as a pilot and living aboard ships she worked on, having the money for motels between ships. What she was to become, she couldn't say.

Though she found her passion for flight quickly, also finding a passion for history in her spare time. She searched ship libraries, motel libraries, public records, trying to learn all she could.

Especially about her own heritage, perhaps if she found out who she was, she could discover who she would be. She studied planes, and Hebrew history, stunned at how right it felt, how like her life their history had been. Always a case of the underdog, always wandering, and anytime they found their way to a place of peace, something would happen.

That knowledge spurred her to something, someone different. She was no longer content to spend her life flying and effecting nothing. Starfleet, it seemed the ideal answer, and so she submitted to academy, by this time early in her eighteenth year.

She was accepted, albeit slightly reluctantly, by Starfleet. She did surprisingly well in the academy, making it through in the top five percent of her class for both piloting and history, her major and minor. She showed both the ambition to move forward, and a commitment none had expected.

Her Cadet Cruise was on board the USS Seattle, and her first mission as ensign, and helmsman, was aboard the USS Achilles. She was recently transferred to the USS Nile.
Contact information:
AIM:  lifewaters
Yahoo IM:  dark_of_morn
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