Cadet Collin Sharpe

Name:  Collin Sharpe
Sex:  Male
Height:  198 cm.
Weight:  105 kg.
Age:  26
Race:  Human
Eye/Hair:  hair, dark blond; eyes, blue
Languages:  English
Features:  Scar across left eye, limp in left leg.
Interests:  Hologames, strategic drills, upgrading personal weapons stash.
Bio:     Born on the planet kapenja IV, lived an unremarkable life up until age fifteen, during the seventh month the planet was attacked by a group of raiders, all but slaughtering the majority of the population(about 3,000), Sharpe survived by taking the phaser from a dead raider, and stowed away in one of the small tunnels that pocketed the one city, killed at least 5 raiders before starfleet aide arrived, life changed there, shortly after being relocated to starbase 153 joined starfleet academy, majored in security, minored in tactical command, first assigned to starbase 19 during cadet cruise, stayed there for two years, then transferred to the USS Iwo Jima as marine sergeant, stayed there for four years, went through nineteen non classified ops, with thirty two confirmed kills, transferred to USS Akira as Chief security officer, currently requesting reassignment to the USS Nile, citing improper experience for the command position as reason for transer…
Contact information:
AIM:  TL1moss
Yahoo IM:  sniper_moss
MSN Messenger:

For excellents in game play, Cadet Collin Sharpe has recieved the Player of the Month award, gold standard, for December, 2002, for his role in Mission One: Into The Lions Den.