Cadet Andon Neveah Vorondek

Name:  Andon Neveah Vorondek
Sex:  Male
Height:  188 cm.
Weight:  100 kg.
Age:  28
Race:  Vulcan
Eye/Hair:  Black/violet
Languages:  Federation Standard, Vulcan, French, Romulan, Anovan(unknown to the Federation), learning Bajoran with Night's help.
Features:  Short black hair with subdued auburn highlights and striking violet-coloured eyes, and an athletic physique.
Interests:  Genetics and virology, astrophysics, philosophy and ethics, linguistics, psychology, physical fitness, reading, classical music, meditation and spirituality.
Bio:     Vorondek is alone in the universe, he has no family... for more than half were killed while resisting assimilation by the Borg; the remainder died of a virulent plague of unknown origin when he was eight years of age on a distant colony, where he had resided for two years with relatives who were research scientists for the Federation. The colony, Data 7, was located in a remote system near an uncharted region of the galaxy and quite some distance from the nearest inhabited planet, a non-aligned world known as Anova. When the plague struck, the communication relay system had been temporarily offline for repairs, so it was not possible to send a signal for help through subspace communication, and it would have taken months for such a signal to reach the nearest starbase anyway; and due to the immediate quarantine and the nature of the virus, it was deemed unwise to launch the shuttlecrafts. Instead, Vorondek's relatives launched a distress beacon which was intercepted by a ship from Anova. By the time the vessel arrived at the colony, all had perished except for Vorondek, who happened to be the only child among the colonists. However he was quite ill nonetheless. The child was brought aboard the ship and taken to Anova, where he was to eventually make a full recovery. In the meantime, a scout ship had been dispatched to the colony when it failed to respond to repeated hails on subspace communication from Starfleet vessels passing through a nearby sector. When the scout ship arrived it discovered a Federation quarantine beacon in orbit around the colony. After numerous attempts at scanning for lifesigns which had yielded negative results, and when local cosmic radiation began to interfere with the sensor array, the scout ship left orbit and returned to Vulcan, all colonists having been presumed deceased by the authorities. Back on Anova, Vorondek knew he was the only surviving member of his entire family so he made no requests to be returned to Vulcan... and he was quickly becoming very fascinated by this new and strange culture. He was a bright child, even by Vulcan standards, for he was already fluent in four languages and possessed a very inquisitive mind. Besides Federation Standard and his native Vulcan language, at an early age he learned French(an archaic Earth language) from one of his father's friends, an android officer serving in Starfleet; and his parents had taught him Romulan due to the increasingly friendly contacts between Vulcan and the Romulan home world. And as the years passed on Anova, he was well-cared for by the Anovans, who had taught him their language and provided him with a superb education.

On this gigantic planet of his sojourn, which Vorondek referred to as his "3rd home", there resided one trillion people in a highly advanced state of civilization which was just beginning to embark upon the early stages of being settled in light and life... such things as war, poverty, and crime having been vanquished long ago; and all diseases having been cured and overcome, being but an ancient memory now. Greed, profit, and an industrial-based economy, having been abandoned in the distant past, were now extinct. Although Anova was extremely technologically-advanced, having conquered space travel three millennia ago(and with rumors abounding that they had broken the time barrier and had mastered time-traveling capabilities), the inhabitants of this world were a highly spiritually-developed people and they were comprised of no less than three species of intelligent life, and all were gendered either male or female. Despite the fact that these three groups had distinctly different evolutionary origins, they all lived in peace and worked together as well as intermarried(though marriage was rather rare on this planet by now), having learned long ago that cooperation, and not competition, ensures the survival of the race. This unique culture made quite an impression on the lad, who remained there for more than a decade. When Vorondek was 20 years old, he felt compelled within his soul to join Starfleet and learn all that he could about the universe, a thirst for knowledge imparted to him by the Anovans. He requested to be returned to Vulcan, and after securing private transport, he began the long journey home. Upon arrival at Vulcan, he presented himself to Federation officials and apprised them of all that had happened to him and the colony, and about Anova, whereupon the Vulcan High Command sent emissaries with greetings and an invitation to make application to join the Federation, thereby providing for the opportunity of exchanging ambassadors. Vorondek then became reacquainted with Vulcan culture and shortly thereafter applied to Starfleet Academy, where he was readily accepted into the ranks of the new cadets. While there at the Academy, he studied the various sciences(medical and non-medical), as well as philosophy and ethics, religions, linguistics, and other areas of special interest. He then continued on through medical school, and afterwards graduated with honors and received his commission as an Ensign.

Vorondek was subsequently assigned to the USS Nile for the purposes of more extended training, where he stood ready to embark upon his first mission for Starfleet.
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