Ensign Tom MacMillan

Name:  Tom MacMillan
Sex:  Male
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  220 lbs.
Age:  28
Race:  1/2 Human 1/2 Betazoid
Eye/Hair:  Black hair and brown eyes
Languages:  Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian
Features:  Tom looks like a common Betazoid. Dark hair and eyes. However if someone was to look close they could see his eyes lighten and darken with his moods.
Interests:  Tom enjoys anything with a bit of danger in it. He rock climbs,hang glides, skydives. All withiout safety equipment. Constantly craving more and more adventure. He risks his neck constantly for an adrenaline rush.
For quiet time he enjoys holonovels and writing. He also enjoys camping wether in the holodeck or during shore leave.
Bio:     Tom's father was a starfleet officer who met and married his mother early in his carrer. Tom was raised by his mother on Betazoid taking much of their culture to heart. However the quiet peaceful culture clashed with his deep desire for adventure. For risk. His mother would constantly be bringing him to the hospital for broken bones or cuts and sprains he got while trying new things.

Everytime his father returned home Tom was fascinated by stories of the stars. The adventures and the other races. He would bug his father for every detail. Then one day his father took him on the starship he was serving on. Tom immediately fell in love. It was then that he decided to join Starfleet.

He entered the academy over the protests of his mother. Once he began to excel in his classes though she accepted his choice and stood proud at his graduation. His father beside her. he was preparing to retire and they were going to travel around. They said their good-byes.

He went into space craving adventure and something new.......
Contact information:
AIM:  EnsTomMacMillan
Yahoo IM:  Tom_macmillan2001
MSN Messenger:  
E-mail:  tom_macmillan2001@yahoo.com