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History of the Order of the Naga Brahmas

Traditionally, the Order traces its roots about 2000 B.C. to the Naga Brotherhood in the Temple of Amen in Luxor, Egypt.  There, brilliant minds of the time investigated the natural laws of the universe and the mystical and spiritual aspects of life.

In this period, there were a number of highly - esteemed mystery schools in Egypt such as that of the Naga school of the Temple of Amen in Thebes.  The mystery schools were the custodians of hidden gnosis or knowledge called Mysteries in such fields as mathematics, astronomy, geography, alchemy and arts and crafts, which were secretly transmitted to their initiates.

The Naga teachings later found their way to foreign lands and were bestowed upon select initiates.  Moses and Solomon were the first Hebrew mystics to bring the gnosis to their land.

The Naga schools were then known as the Nazarenes, which co - existed with the mystical brotherhood known as the Essenes.  The great master, Josua ben Miriam (Yusuf ibn Miriam) which, in English, translates to Joseph son of Mary, or Jesus was initiated into this mystery school of the Nazarenes.

After the birth of Christ at about 40 A.D., the teachings spread to Asia, particularly India, Nepal, Tibet and China.  There, it flourished due to the climate of tolerance and the serene and pristine forest of the region.  From Master to disciple, the secret doctrines of the Order were taught.  Among the great initiates was Milarespa, patron Saint of Tibetan yogis and mystics.  Nagarjuna, who lived during the same period as Jesus, propagated the Naga knowledge.  In northern India today, a state is named Nagaland in honor of Naga initiates.


Closer to home, Naga learning was brought to the Philippines by Chinese Taoist adepts who migrated to Leyte and Samar in the early 1900's.  BA- DI - KE and PONCIANO CANONIGO were among the first Filipino Nagas.  Their descendants continue to this day to propagate the esoteric wisdom of the Nagas through the Order of the Naga Brahmas, which is the PRIME CUSTODIAN of Naga wisdom in the present times.  The current leaders of the ONB are themselves high initiates of distinguished esoteric schools espousing kundalini, laya, and surat-shabd yoga of the East and the kaballah of the West.  As such, an important role of our Order is to propagate and expand the Naga Brotherhood.

Since its launching in 1993, the ONB has established a Grand Ashrama and twelve (12) lodges such as the El - Kai - Ma Ashrama, the Aesculapius Ashrama, the Ramana Ashrama to name a few, located in Metro Manila.  There are also grand lodges in the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Members of the ONB may affiliate with any of the Ashramas of the Order and participate in the convocations held therein.  In the ashrama convocation, powerful spiritual and cosmic vibrations are being generated which result in the healing and optimum material and spiritual success of members.

The members may also avail of the services of the Silent Council of the Order.  This is a supreme body composed of the high initiates of the Order which provides invaluable service at no cost in times of difficulties and tribulations.  The Silent Council's potent healing and energizing influence may be requested by the members for themselves and their loved ones.

The high initiates of the ONB, on certain occasions, also give
FREE INITIATION on the Light and Sound meditation for people who do not want to afford of the gradated monthly lessons of the Order.  Such is a rare privilege granted only to sincere seekers who want to experience the bliss and gifts of divine communion by opening their third eye.

Members of the ONB receive the different esoteric teachings and techniques for bodily rejuvenation, success and higher consciousness, issued in satsang or lesson form, four (4) sets every month.  The lessons are graded in such a way that basic concepts and techniques are given in the earlier levels in preparation for the complex concepts and more potent techniques in subsequent levels.  The earliest lessons, for instance, contain techniques that, when practiced can greatly advance not only the spiritual well - being of the members but their financial and material welfare as well.

As the lessons progress, higher techniques, like awakening the kundalini force, astral projection, transcendental alchemy, mastery of breath, Kabbalah, and many more teachings, are subsequently revealed.

A unique opportunity, therefore, awaits all those who seek the portals of the ONB.  Drawn by the "gentle waves of peace and silent whispers of truth," they shall find here a sanctuary of joy, peace, vitality, and love.  Indeed, an invitation to membership in the Order is an invitation to be "the master of your fate, the captain of your soul."

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