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Gunung Bujang Melaka

    Gunung Bujang Melaka, despite it's name is situated in Kampar, Perak . The height of this mountain is unique, being 1234m high. The starting point is the Kampar Mosque, which is a convenient place to park your car. There are also some food stalls which will  be a blessing on your way down.
     The view at the peak is not too bad, but because there are still a lot of trees growing around the peak, most of the surrounding view can't be seen. At night it is possible to see Kampar town and perhaps the highway . There is also maxis coverage up there, if you wanted to know. The peak can be reached easily in a few hours, so it is quite suitable for first timers, or for those who want to climb something easy. I suppose it is possible to climb up and down in one day, considering going up with a fully loaded backpack takes about 5 hours. There are two campsites, one on the way up, near a river, and another one at the peak. The campsite at the peak is quite small ,with uneven ground. It would be a better choice to camp at the lower campsite, the one near the river which is about 1.5 hours from the peak. 

Day one

    From the mosque car park, proceed to the tarred road behind the stalls. You will cross a bridge and pass some houses. Continue straight and the road gets steeper. Just continue through the kampung houses, but keep to the tarred road. If you get lost, just ask the way to the waterfall. When you reach the waterfall, just keep on going, but keep the river on your right. You'll pass some durian orchards. The trek should be visible by now, which should be about 45 minutes to 1 hr from the car park. Continue on and you should pass some places where the trees have been marked with red paint ( future logging??) . After about an hour of trekking in the forest,after the waterfall, you should come to a small stream where people usually stop and rest. The place isn't big. Just after the stream the trek goes uphill all the way, for about 2 hours. And it never stops going uphill all the way to the first campsite. Just plod on, until you come to a clearing and can hear the sound of a river. This is the first campsite, which is quite big and can accommodate about 100 people easily.
    At this campsite, you can choose to spend the night here or go to the peak. The peak is about 1 hr away, following the trek on the left. If you decide to go to the peak, this is the last water point you'll be seeing. Better fill up your water bottles here.The trek to the peak isn't that steep anymore. There is a large rock just below the peak, and make sure you take the left . If you take right, you'll end up some where  faaaaarrr below. One side of the peak is almost vertical, so watch your step when you're looking at the scenery at night. There is a hole big enough for someone to drop through.

Day two

   From the peak, it should take you about 3 hours to reach the car park. If you slept at the campsite with the river, it should take you much less. A good idea would be to go during the fruit season, because then you can have some fresh durians when you pass the durian orchards (buy, don't steal). When I went, durians were in season and petai as well.


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