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Gunung Angsi (825m)

    Gunung Angsi is one of the easier mountains to climb. It is situated in the Ulu Bendul park in Negeri Sembilan. From what I heard , you are not allowed to camp for the night up at the peak. You have to register your name at a small hut at the start of the trail before 12 pm. and you have to be back by 7 pm. If you register later than 12 pm, they will not allow you to climb up the mountain, and if you come back after 7 pm, they will send people to look for you. Gunung Angsi is one of the most dirty mountains I have been on. There is rubbish almost everywhere, along the trail, at the peak, at the bottom of the trail...... Well, it's up to you to keep it clean. Gunung Angsi is also well known for dehydrating people. Make sure you bring lots of water, and make sure you drink it regularly.

    To trek up and down in one day shouldn't be a problem to anyone who is reasonably fit. There are some steep parts, but they are quite short. The trail is quite wide , and the roots of the trees which line the trail are exposed all along the way. The beginning of the trail is flat , until you cross a small stream. From there, it is all the way up.

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