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I want to show you how to make money using the Internet


Haven't you heard the saying?

You reap the rewards of what you sow.

Your success guarantees my success.


I know what you're thinking that this is just another advertising hit. You're so wrong, I am not trying to sell you anything at all.

But I do want to show you how to make money without you having to pay out a cent from your own pockets. In fact you or anyone, who follows my 10 Secrets of Success and 8 steps to making money from the Internet, just can't fail.

We are aways being bombarded with advertising saying how easy it is to become rich with little or no effort, only if you buy this E-book, Software or pay to join their program. There are even people out there that offer free membership to their program then bombard you with reasons to buy this or that product that they are promoting. The only ones who are getting rich are them.

I will admit that I have fallen for that dream myself, only to fail; spending money and time with little result. But from my failures I found the formula for success, which I want to share this knowledge with you.

I will be
honest with you.
In helping you to succeed
you will be helping me to make even
more money.

The old hands at the Internet money making game would know all the secrets that I will reveal to you, are the truth. So those people can skip the rest of this and click on Paid to Read Schemes. For those of you who are new to Internet money making or those who just have failed to grasp the truth read on.

There are many ways to earn money but none are that easy and they do take time and perseverance. Only when you put the effort in can you reap the rewards of your labors.

Some of these free membership schemes are better than others, but I want to talk to you about emails; paid emails to be exact. I know you are thinking how can you make any real money reading paid emails at a quarter to one cent per email. It would take you an hour just to make twenty-five cents to one Dollar. That is if you were sent 100 one cent emails or 400 0.025cent emails. I can tell you that you would be lucky to get that many paid emails in two to three weeks from some paid to read web-sites.

So how can you make money with paid emails? You don't stop at one scheme but take on as many as you can cope with and advertise like mad to get your referrals. It is your downliners, the people who have seen your advertisement and join the scheme that makes your money. You get a commission on each new member you get to join through your advertising and then get anything from 10% to 30% of what they earn. It does not stop there but their downliners gives you an extra 5% to 15% of what they earn and so on down the line. Most P.T.R schemes go to as much as six levels of referrals. But commision does very from scheme to scheme; do look out for this. As you can see, the more downliners you have the better off you become.

So now you have an idea of what I am saying I want to go through the 10 secrets to success with you.


Secrets to success 1

Don't expect to earn real money for 6-12 months, every thing need to grow and that means your downline. You won't become a millionaire doing this but it will not cost you anything and will bring in a small regular income, which to me is better than nothing.

Secrets to success 2

Don't buy or pay for anything. You only spend when you have earned some money from your efforts.

Secrets to success 3

At first everything you do on the Internet must cost you nothing and earn you money.

Secrets to success 4

You only get out what you put in. So if you only want to work for an hour or two per week, it will be a long time before you see some money. You need to put in at least an hour or more per day. Just think of the time that you waste watching TV or playing games on your PC. Myself I would sooner be earning a little bit more cash. I find that I get a buzz out of planing advertising strategies and seeing how they workout, as I find more and more new downliners join with me on the road to success.

Secrets to success 5

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to promote your enterprises.

Secrets to success 6

Your downline is the most important thing you need to get. Without them you will have nothing. You will be working hard just for a few cents per hour not dollars.

Secrets to success 7

At the earliest opportunity you should upgrade your P.T.R membership as this will increase your income from you reading emails and other benefits, such as free advertising.

Secrets to success 8

Do try and get in on new P.T.R or schemes with very low membership. These will not bring in any money at first but do give you more of a chance to get your downline in place before it becomes big. When a P.T.R scheme has a very large membership you may get plenty of paid emails but you will have difficulty in forming your downline.

Secrets to success 9

Beware of P.T.R web sites promising 50+cents per email, as they may not be all that they seem. Check out their terms and conditions first before signing up. Some promise high rates but you might find that you can only use that money on their advertising, which is ok because you will need to advertise. It still feels a bit of a con though, but they do get members because of the offer of high earnings. Greed is the lure as some members only find out the truth after they have been clicking like mad and building up a nice amount of cash when they find that they won't be able to get their hands on that cash.

Secrets to success 10

HAVE FUN. Enjoy what you are doing.




Now if you are still with me and I have not bored or frightened you off, we will start the steps you will take to realize your dream of making money on the Internet.


Step 1

First if you know a little of HTML or know some one who does, I would save this web-page to your hard drive. You have my permission to copy and use it for your own advertising. Just change referral codes in all the URLs to yours.


Step 2

Get an email address that pays you to use It. (Remember secret number 3) Use this address exclusively for your paid emails so it will not interfere with your other business. is a good one and pays on the amount of emails you open.

Click here to sign up for your zwallet email address.



Step 3

Sign on to 1 or more, free auto surfers. With these you can earn hits on your web-site on a 2-1 ratio. This is part of your advertising for your downline, which is so important as this is where you make the money. Don't forget your family and friends as possible downliners. I feel is one of the best in the credits you get for surfing their site and you will find that you will earn money based on how much you have in your account (they give you $10 just to sign up) and based on how much you autosurf in a day. You can list up to 100 sites to earn "hits" for, and you can earn up to $100 a day just for surfing!!

Click here for Cashits


Traffic That Earns Auto or manual surf for cash and hits here!

Click here to sign up to Traffic That Earns


Traffic Roundup Also surf for cash and hits here!

Click here to sign up for Traffic Roundup


Step 4

Set the amount of time you want to spend clicking on the paid emails, min is about 1 hour per day. I find that it is easer to work on line in late evening. The Internet seems to be faster than during the day, but you should pick the time to suit you. .

Step 5

Advertisement is very important so you should research all possibilities of free adverts so you know where to go when you're ready to use them.

Step 6

Sign up if you have not already done so to PayPal or StormPay so the web-sites you join can pay you.

Click here to sign up for PayPal

Step 7

Find a Free web-site host to host this web page when you have done the changes to the referral links so the credits then go to you.

Click here to sign up for Angelfire.

Step 8

Now you are at the last step what paid to read email schemes to become members of. I told you that as I was helping you; you would now be helping me. The links below are some of the best of the best in paid emails and when you sign on for membership you will become part of my downline. Start off by choosing 3 or 4 until you have got into the rhythm of things. You do not want to swamp yourself with two many emails when you first start. When things are ticking over start to join up with more schemes. Don't forget that some of the smaller schemes only give out 1 -10 paid emails per day, they will grow in membership; as they grow so can the amount of emails.



Paid to Read Schemes.


Don't be put off by low emails per day, out of the schemes I have membership of, I have chose these below because most have only just started and have a low membership, just right for you to get in and build that downline. With more members the schemes attract more advertising which equals more paid emails and money for you. If you are impatient to start earning money from clicking. I would recommend TasiasPaidLinks for the quantity of paid emails they send. I earn ten dollars a week from this scheme alone, without counting the commision from my downline. The membership is large, but it is still possible to get a downline. The rest of the schemes are an investment in the future.



ProPaid Emails. Well established
high payouts. Lots of random payouts! Expect 1-4 emails per day
(Good to have for the future, high sign up bonus)

Click here for ProPaid Email



All You Submitters Each email earns at least 5 cents. Expect 1-4 emails per day.

Click here for All You Submitters Advertising

Nile Cash, Lots of solo emails each day, most 1 cent or more! Expect 4-10 emails per day.

Click here for Nile Cash

Annies Email Biz, Expect 5-10 emails per day. Nothing less than 1 cent.

Click here for Annies Email Biz

Rich Emails. New scheme, low membership Expect 1-4 emails per day. (Good to get in on now)

Click here for Richs Emails

Shanes Paid 4 Email. Low membership, no link less than 5 cents. Expect 3-6 emails per day.

Click here for Shanes Paid 4 Mail

Shanes Rockin Mails. Same owner as Shanes Paid4 Mails, daily rock trivia!

Click here for Shanes Rockin Mail

Mystical Clicks. Tons of 1 cent solos each day.

Click here for Mystical Clicks

Fairy Clicks. Same owner as Mysical Clicks, same types of emails, lots of 1-5 cent emails.
Expect 1-4 emails per day.

Click here for Fairy Clicks

Lonestar Clicks. Lots of 2 or more cent emails, plenty in the PTC area. Expect 3-6 emails per day.

Click here for Lonestar Clicks

Mikes Paid 4 Email Well established, high payout and high sign up bonus.
Expect 1-4 emails per day. (Good to get in on now)

Click here for Mikes Paid 4 Email


Get Cashed. Fun site, quick earner. Expect 4-8 emails per day. Still new, get in while you can!

Click here for Get Cashed

Cash Overload. Lots to be earned here! Expect 4-8 emails per day.

Click here for Cash Overload

Misha Mails. Earn lots here, earn quick but the downfall is that the money can only be used for advertising. They do have a thing called "The Vault" that is good for money though. They send out tons of links, many being 10-75 cents. I have gotten over $2 in one day on this one!

Click here for Misha Mails


I-Mommy. New scheme, Not launched yet,
low membership. (Good to get in on now)
Expect 1-3 emails per day.

Click here for I-Mommy


Cash Doctor Lots to be earned here. Many 5 cent links sent out each day!
(Good to get in on now)
Expect 1-3 emails per day.

Click here for The Cash Doctor

The Money Bin. Great Earner! Lots in the PTC section!
Expect 4-6 emails per day.

Click here for The Money Bin


Achieve More Freedom
. They reward members with SRP's
1-2 emails a day.

Click here for Achieve More Freedom


PantherEmails. Points & Cash, low membership
Expect 1-3 emails per day. (Good to get in on now)

Click here for PantherEmails



Nut Case Mail. Cash,
low membership, Expect 3-6 emails per day.
(Good to get in on now)

Click here for Nut Case Mail

TasiasPaidLinks. Points & Cash, Medium membership, good earner
Expect 30+ emails per day.

Click here for Tasias-Paid-Links

Pro Traffic Exchange, New scheme, Not launched yet,
low membership. (Good to get in on now)
Expect 1-3 emails per day.

Here are a couple of programs that will help you earn money even without reading emails!

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All I have got to say now is:
Thanks very much for your help and welcome aboard.


Kaching! Kaching! Kaching!
Get used to the sound of earning MONEY!