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My Written escapades!
Read this First, Please!

The saga of Marie Anderson-Part 1
Marie Anderson is a 15 year old gifted girl who lives aboard the USS Enterprise D. She graduated from the acadamy at 14 and has spent the last year at HQ, helping the admirals. This is the story of her post aboard the enterprise.

The saga of Marie Anderson-Part 2
A few years after she first came aboard, Marie is much more at home and has made friends with some members of the crew. This christmas themed edition ands another glimpse into her life.

D-Hopping: The adventure
Marie Anderson is back! This time around, she's in the X-Files demension with her five year old daughter and, of course, the famous partners we all know and love, Mulder and Scully! Come and enjoy the CSI gory details, alien abductions, and general coolness of it!

Deep Space Nine: Illegal Entry
Marie's gotten herself into some trouble, and ended up on Deep Space Nine! With the help of Julian Bashir, Kira Narys, Benjamin Cisco, and Jazdia Dax, she attempts to remedy the situation!

The Teen's Guide To The Galaxy
Arcadia Circe Munroe is just a teenage girl....right? Nope, instead, she's the only teen on Earth who knows that the world is going to end. What's she gonna do? Well, duh. Save it!

Kaitlin is a 15 year old girl who is on a trip to Roswell, NM. She meets a 15 year old boy, Kenneth, who introduces her to his group of friends. Stuff insues.