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Review Mark 1

Madrigals: An elaborate song typical of the 16th and 17th centuries.
The nightingale sung madrigals from its cage overlooking the alley, a silent witness to the murder.
Gall: Impudence
The young man’s gall shocked the FBI agent as she attempted to question him.
Wanton: Having no just cause
As she typed up her case report, a wanton smile played around her lips at the thought of the victim’s cause of death.
Salvo: A simultaneous discharge of guns
The salvo shocked the agent into action as she dashed up the stairs in fear for her partner’s safety.
Sentry: Guard
The FBI agent pulled out her badge, showing it to the sentry, upon which he nodded her into the crime scene.
Chesterfield: An overstuffed davenport
She stepped into the victim’s house, a dank, musty smell filling her nose as she walked into the living room, picking up a stack of mail that was sitting on the chesterfield.
Slog: To work hard and steadily
The demoted agent slogged through his wiretap duties, hoping to have his old cases reopened.
Existential: Of or relating to existence
The two partners stood on the hill, staring at the unearthly lights, one filled with existential hope, one with existential disbelief.
Depilatory: Removal of hair
The patient laughed when the agent asked her about her treatment. “Oh, that. It’s a regular depilatory.”
Etherized: Sedated, Put under
As the cloth soaked in chloroform covered his nose and mouth, he gasped for breath, only succeeded in etherizing himself faster.
Insidious: Treacherous
When the agent saw his new partner in a car with his nemesis, he immediately suspected insidious intent.
Malingers: Fakes illness to avoid duty
When his boss stopped by to check on him, the agent malingered until he was gone.
Deferential: courteous
As she opened the door for her partner, she was laughingly deferential towards him.
Obtuse: Not sharp or quick of wit
As the two agents walked back to their office together, they teased each other in a game of wits, ending only when the female agent was confused about the meaning of one witticism. The male agent laughingly accused her of being obtuse, to which she responded with a twinkling laugh as they stepped into their office.
Review Mark 2

Cairn - A mound of stones erected as a memorial or marker.
The two agents walked along the edge of the river, where a victim had disappeared recently. They soon came across a small cairn. Exchanging glances with his partner he remarked, “Little late for morals, isn’t it?”
Bathysphere - A spherical deep-diving chamber in which persons are lowered by a cable to study the oceans and deep-sea life.
The agents shined their flashlights into the dark basement, looking for any evidence. She heard her partner move off and pointed it in his direction. He stood behind a large bathysphere. “Look, I’m bubble boy!”
Knell - The sound of a bell knelling; a toll
As the two walked through the deserted town, the clock began to strike 10, the deep knells ringing out across the town in a ominous echo.
Pram – A baby carriage
The small, gated town was idealistic, with perfect lawns and gardens and large perfect houses decorated in pastel color schemes. The two agents exchanged incredulous looks when one house’s door opened to reveal a blond woman pushing a pram with a baby inside.
Stanched -To stop the flow of blood from (a wound).
The agent frantically stanched her barely concious partner.
Quay - A wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded or unloaded.
The two agents and the suspect quickly drove away from the quay, looking behind them once to see the spot where they had just been standing get blown up.
Lament – mourn
As he rushed to save his partner, he knew he would never stop lamenting her death if she died.
Slovenly – untidy
He rang the doorbell. The door opened to reveal his partner looking unusually slovenly compared to her usually immaculate appearance.
Tourniquet - A device, typically a tightly encircling bandage, used to check bleeding by temporarily stopping the flow of blood through a large artery in a limb.
As he attempted to whittle the stick to a sharp point, he accidentally cut his finger. As his partner bandaged the cut, she said, “You can stop looking so pained. It’s not like I have to do a tourniquet.”
Convalescent - patient recovering from illness
As they walked through the hospital to the victim’s room, they peered into the rooms, seeing all the convalescents.
Gauche – tactless
As she watch her partner dance with an old friend of his, she wondered if walking up and telling them her news would be completely gauche.
Banal – dreary
After being taking off his paranormal cases, all other assignments seemed extraordinarily banal.
Denouement – The conclusion, the end
As the fan watched the episode, she was shocked at the complete lack of denouement.
Expedient – Appropiate to a purpose
The agent bluffed the amount of evidence he had in the interrigation because it was expedient.