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Rules for reading my writing

Number 1: Never Expect Anything To End
Why? Well, first of all, I write epic stuff. Secondly, most of the stuff is such junk that it has endless plot possiblities. Like a really bad TV show.
Number 2: Never Expect Anyone To Age
I write people as 15, cause I like that age. I put my characters into impossible situations, but hey. It's my world. People generally don't age unless it's handy to my plot or I just feel like messing with your heads.
Number 3: Never Send Me Suggestions
I'm a writer, not on-demand TV. Duh. I write whatever I feel like. So, unless you're Athena or a writing instructer person of mine, bug off.
Number 3: Never Read My Stuff Unless You've Been Explicitly Given The Link By Myself
If I /want/ you to read it, I will give you the link. If I don't, I won't. So neener.