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Two people stood in the transporter room other then the transporter cheif. One was a tall, brown haired man, the other a shorter, slim, dark haired woman. "Energize!" Said the tall man. A tall, red haired 15 year old appeared on the platform. She put down her luggage and looked around.
As her eyes lit upon the woman she exclaimed "Deanna!". She ran forward off the platform and hugged the woman.
"It's been so long since I've seen you!"
"I know. I haven't seen you since the Academy, Marie!"
The tall man was staring at the two girls.
"You two know each other?"
Marie turned to face him.
"Yes, we do know each other. Beverly, Deanna, and I went to the Academy together. May I ask who you are?"
"I am Commander William Riker."
"Ah. I see."
"Now, I want to drop my luggage off at my quarters and then go see Beverly. Where am I staying?"
"In one of the guest quarters." Said William.
"Grand! Let's go!"
Marie picked up her luggage and strode towards the door.
"Well? Are you going to show me where I am staying?"
For a moment Will seemed quite overwhelmed by her energeticness.
"Yes. We're coming."
The three walked down the corridor to the turbolift.
"Where is Bev working?"
"Sickbay." Deanna replied.
"Of course! I should have known! Bev always was interested in medicine."
They arrived at Marie's quarters a few minutes later.
Marie entered and put down her bags. She surveyed the room."This will do but it needs a bit of decorating."
Deanna stepped in with William. "Always decorating. I see some things never change."
"Commander Riker, Report to the bridge."
"I had better go "William said.
"I'll come with you. I need to report in."
William and Marie strode out the door and into the turbolift.
"Bridge."William glanced at Marie.
"Oh! Bridge."
They stepped out of the turbolift.
The captain turned. "Welcome to the Bridge, Marie."
"Thank you, Captain."
Marie walked over to a seat and sat down.
Beverly walked out of the turbolift and glanced around. She saw Marie and walked down to greet her.
"Marie! I thought you were arriving later or I would have been there to greet you!"
"It's alright, Bev! I am just so happy to see you again!!"
"We need to catch up!"
"Tell you what, How about you come to dinner in my quarters? It has been awhile since I cooked for two but I think I still have my touch!"
"Great, I'll see you there!"
After Marie has gotten off duty she goes back to her quarters.
"Hmm...well if I am going to have company, I had better make it like home."
Marie went over to the nearest bag and got out an apron with a heart on it and got out her duster. She went to the nearest shelf and rubbed her finger on it.
" is terribly dusty in here."
She bustled around the room dusting and then got out the stand for the duster and stood it in a corner. She went back to the bag and drew out vases and trinkets to put away.
"Well that is that."Marie said several hours later.
Marie had finished unpacking and was going into her new kitchen to make supper when a knock came upon the door.
She sighed and called back to the door.
"Come in."
A handsome 15 year old stepped through the doorway and looked around.
"Hello?" He nevously called.
Marie, surprised at hearing a male voice that she couldn't identify stepped out of the kitchen and looked at the boy.
"Hello. Who are you?"
"Wesley Crusher, ma'am."
"Don't call me ma'am. You're Bev's boy so you aren't much younger than me, if at all."
"Mother said to see if you needed help unpacking or anything. I just got off duty."
"Well, I've finished unpacking as you can tell but I do need some help in the kitchen."
"You have a kitchen? Why not just use the food replicator?"
"I requested a kitchen specially. I prefer to cook. I enjoy it. Sometimes technology dosen't change for the better."
Marie went back into the kitchen and Wes followed.
She was just starting dinner, which was going to be corn on the cob, biscuits, and Ham & bean soup, so she set Wesley to work peeling the corn while she made biscuits. "