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Hello and welcome to the homepage of "Christmas on the Enterprise"! Ok well if you have read my other fanfic you should know the groove. This is in the future from the other one so don't get confused!
"BRRRINGG" Marie's alarm was going off. She groggily stuck her arm out from under the covers and whacked the alarm. Then she sat up wide awake as she remembered what today was. It was the first day of December! Marie got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. She showered and then put on her bathrobe and went back to the bedroom. Humming happily, she pulled her Christmas outfit out of the drawer. It was a green turtleneck with a red skirt. She pulled it on and went to arrange her hair. As she stood in front of the mirror she brushed and pulled back her hair. She pulled a little box out of a secret drawer and rifled through it. Finally she found a pair of earrings with little jingle bells and ribbons. She put them on and ran out the door. She walked down the corridor to Beverly's quarters. On her way in she met Bev.
"You look lovely dear!"
"Thanks Bev." She hugged the tall woman who looked as if she was Marie's older sister. Marie went to the back bedroom and flipped on the lights. The lump in the bed groaned and curled up more.
"Get up, Wesley! Get up, get up, get up!" Marie shook the figure.
"What do you want, Marie?" Wesley groaned.
"I want you to get up! It is the first day of December and Captain Picard said he would give you a break from your studies if you study hard and pass this round of tests. Plus I am decorating today so you get to study in my quarters."
"Alright fine."
Apparently satisfied, Marie left Wesley to get up and got breakfast ready. Wes came out of the bedroom fully dressed and sat down and ate. Marie joined him soon after.
"So after you finish pack up what you need and we will go to my quarters."
Wesley packed up what he needed and they headed to Marie's quarters to study after Marie left a note explaining where they were.
"So what are you and your mom doing for Christmas?" Marie asked as they walked down the corridor.
They entered the quarters and Marie flipped on the lights.
"Not much. We don't really do holidays on the Enterprise."
"Oh what a shame. I wonder how everyone would feel about a holiday party."
"I dunno. We would have to ask the Captain."
As they walked into the middle of the room Wesley stopped suddenly.
"What is that?"
"That's my Christmas tree! I replicated it!"
"May I ask why?"
"Christmas is my favorite time of year and I just can't get into the spirt without a tree."
Marie disappeared into the bedroom and came out lugging a stack of boxes.
"Here, let me help you with that!" Wesley said, jumping foward and grabbing the top two boxes.
"Why, thank you, Wes!"
They gazed into each other's eyes as they stood there holding the boxes. Suddenly the strain of holding the heavy box jerked Marie out of the trance and she hurried over to the tree and put it down.
"Well, Ill unpack these boxes while you study."
"Cant I help you?"
"No. You need to study. Last time I let you help me, you ended up getting behind on your studies and breaking a vase."
Wesley grinned as he remembered that incident.
"I didn't mean to break the vase!" He laughed as he sat at the table and began to study.
Marie started unpacking the fist box and drew out a strand of simple christmas lights. She went over to the outlet and plugged the lights in and began to arrange the lights on the tree. Suddenly the doorbell rang as she came round the tree again.
"Come in!"
The doors opened and Captain Picard walked in.
Oh! Hello, Captain! I didn't think you were coming by.
She brushed her hands on her pants and put down the lights.
"Don't let me interupt."
"Nonsense. You aren't interrupting. Would you like some tea?"
"Yes, thank you, Marie."
She walked over to the replicator. "Earl Grey, Hot." She handed the cup to the Captain and sat down across from him.
"I've come because I reviewed your papers about the party and thought that we should make this an official function."
"Oh, thank you!"
"I would like you to have a partner in planning this."
"Captain, that isn't necessary."
"I insist, Marie. You work yourself too hard when you're planning something."
Marie sighed. She knew he was right, she always did work too hard. "Who shall it be?"
"Whomever you want as long as it doesn't interfere with their duties."
"Thank you, Captain."
"Well, I must get back to the Bridge. Goodbye."
"Goodbye, Captain!"
Marie disappeared into the kitchen to wash the teacup then reappears a few minutes later to finally work on the tree again.
After a few uneventful hours of tree decorating, Wes is finally finished with his studies.
Marie steps back from the tree, regarding it proudly.
"What do you think?"
"Mm?" Wesley looks up from packing his books up to view Marie inquisitively.
"The tree! What do you think of the tree?" Marie sighes.
"Oh! Its very nice. You did a good job." Wes finishes packing up and moves to put his arm around her shoulders.
The doorbell rang just as she was moving closer to him. They jumped apart and Marie went to answer the door while Wes picked up his bag.
"Hello, Bev."
"Hello, Marie. How was Wes? I hope he wasn't any trouble." Beverly playfully grinned at her bashful son.
"No, not all at all." Marie laughed and winked at Wes, who immediately turned a light shade of pink.
"Oh, Marie? I was wondering if you wanted to come to dinner later tonight." Beverly smiled.
"Sure! If I do remember correctly, you owe me a meal." She grinned.
Beverly laughed. "See you then!"
Marie watched as the two walked down the corridor together and turned back to her empty quarters to settle down and plan.