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Disclaimer: All the characters of X-Files and Star Trek: TNG belong to their respective companies and creators. I just wanted to borrow them for a little adventure. However, all people of Earth and MOO who I cared to put in here belong to their rightful creators and owners. But, of course, They're all my friends, so I'm sure they won't mind being put in here. I also apoligize to the FBI for use of their building.

Thanks to: Chris Carter for inventing X-Files. Gene Roddenbury for creating TNG and making me think how darn cool it'd be to hop dimensions. Whoever made up the song "Edelwiess" for making it so darn fun to sing in the shower. And of course, the wonderful people who make shampoo, for giving me an ideal chunk of time to think up awsome stories like this in.

Chapter 1: The Beginning
There was a flash of light, slight smell of burnt ozone, and suddenly a teenage girl and a small child were standing on a deserted street in Washington DC. The girl was Marie Anderson and the child was her daughter, Arcadia. Marie was wearing a black business skirt and blazer, with a white blouse undeneath. She also had a silver circlet resting on her hair, which she hastily snatched off and stuffed into a briefcase she was carrying.1 Arcadia stood nearby, looking about with great curiosity. Caddy, as her mother called her, was wearing a blue velvet dress with a blue bow in her hair. Marie looked about nervously and set off down the street purposefully, with Caddy following obediently. Coming to the end of the street, they turned left and headed towards a large tan building. This building was the FBI headquarters. Marie reached the front doors, smoothed her hair and stepped inside. Caddy followed her mother's lead, smoothing her hair and dress. They were greeted by a familiar comfortable silence as they went to the front desk. After asking for Agent Scully, both were pointed down the hall to a lab. Marie pushed open the door, signaling to Arcadia to be quiet. They stepped inside and Arcadia struck off towards a door near the end of the room. The door led to a room of jarred samples. Marie grinned, watching her daughter slip inside the room and knowing that Arcadia would be amused for quite some time. She looked toward a familiar figure sitting at the computer.
The form said, "Mulder, I told you I wouldn't have the info for you till 3."
Marie grinned broadly and replied, "I know, Dana."
Dana Scully spun around with a look of mixed shock and glee on her face. "Marie! How are you?"
"Excellent, thanks. You?"
"Pretty well, working alot."
"Don't you always?" Marie grinned.
"Ha ha, very funny."
"I was just popping in to see how you and Fox were." Marie looked Scully in the eye. "You haven't told him how I get here, have you?"
"Don't have to. He's already figured it out, with a little help from Langly, Byers, and Frohike."
Scully smiled sweetly. "Frohike's been watching your apartment."
"Frohike's been watching my apartment?!2 Dude...I need to go talk to him tonight..."
"Anyways...How's everyone in the alternate dimensions?"
"Picard's good, everyone there is awsome. Everyone at home is good, my parents are a little freaked about the hopping but they'll get used to it. Insh is doing well, as are all my friends there."
"How's Wesley?"
"Good, still getting used to hopping. I've started taking him and Arcadia with me."
"Where is Caddy?"
"Probably looking at your sample jars again." Marie grinned and then called. "Caddy, darling?"
The young girl stuck her head around the door and said with a slight irish accent, "Yes, mummy?"
"Come here a second, darling."
Arcadia withdrew her head and then came out. Her face lit up as she saw Scully. "Auntie Scully!"
"Caddy, you've grown! How old are you now?"
Scully looked over Arcadia's head and looked at Marie, eyebrows arched. "Only five?"
Marie shrugged. "She's quite gifted."
"Gifted? Mulder'll want to see her."
"I know. Where is Mulder, anyways?"
"In the basement, as always."3
"I should've guessed." Marie rolled her eyes and grinned. "Come on, Caddy, lets go see Uncle Mulder."
"Uncle Mulder! YAY!" Caddy ran excitedly over to the door, pausing to wait for her mother.
"You coming, Sculls?"
"Marie, must you /really/ call me Sculls?"
Scully rolled her eyes and gathered up some papers. "Yes, I'll come. I've got to give him some things I found."
The group walked out of the lab and down to the basement, talking and laughing until they reached the door. Marie made a shushing motion and then opened the door slowly.
Mulder was sitting at his desk, his back to the door, organizing slides.4 He said, "Scully, come here, I want you to take a look at this."
Scully walked forward, acting as if she was the only one in the room. "I got some info for you, thought you might want it early."
Marie walked up beside Mulder without him noticing and said, "Whatcha got, Spooky?"
Mulder jumped and then turned, grinning, towards Marie. "And everyone says /I'm/ the spooky one." He shook his head good-naturedly. "If people at the academy had met you, you would have the nickname instead of me."5
Arcadia, sensing a lull in the conversation, stopped looking at the many case photos on the wall and ran over to her uncle. "Uncle Mulder!"
Mulder grinned down at his little niece and picked her up, setting her on his lap. "Agent Arcadia, good to see you. Want to help me on my case?"
Caddy laughed, a silver, twinkling sound. "Absolutely, Agent Mulder."
Marie leaned over to look at the slides and made a face. "Decapitation...Fuuuuun."
Mulder glanced at her. "Yeah..."
"So, what's the story, Fox?"
Mulder and Scully both glared at Marie. She put up her hands in surrender, laughing. "Alright, alright. Mulder."6
Mulder grinned. "Ten murders, all with decapitated victims."
"I can see that." Marie replied dryly.
He gave her a slight warning glare before continuing. "X-File number 90210.7 Here, I'll show you the slides. Flip the lights, Dana."
Scully went to the switch and flipped the lights off. As she was walking back, Marie raised her eyebrows and mouthed, "Dana?" at Scully. Scully shrugged.8
Mulder lead them through the slides, telling where the victim lived, their age, and year of death. When he was done, Arcadia said, "Can you show them all at once?" Mulder glanced questioningly at Marie, but she motioned just to do as the child asked. Mulder obligingly pulled up all the slides at once and everyone fell silent as Caddy studied them.
"Enlarge numbers 3, 5, 7, and 9."
After doing so, he again fell silent. "See the burns on the neck? All the bodies have it, these are just the most pronounced."
Mulder, surprised, studied the picture carefully. "She's right."
Scully studied the picture also. "I wonder what could have caused that type of burning and cauterization." Arcadia rolled her eyes, as if the answer was obvious. "The cut was made by a lazer." After a moments consideration she added, "Duh."
Mulder and Scully chorused, "But we don't have that type of technology yet!"
Marie, who had been quiet throughout this exchange, said, "Then its not earthly..."
Mulder glanced triumphantly at Scully, who rolled her eyes.
"Honestly, Marie, do you expect me to believe that extra-terrestrials are decapitating these people because your five year-old daughter says so?"
"Yes, actually, I do."
Scully sighed. "Fine, I'll go along with it...unless another, more plausible explanation comes up."
Arcadia smiled and patted her aunt's arm. "That is all we expect of you, Aunt Scully."
Marie looked at her watch in horror. "Yikes! It's getting late...I was supposed to pop back to the Enterprise for dinner with Bev, and I needed to go see Frohike and those guys."
Mulder put on an innocent face and asked, "Pop?"
Marie glared at him. "Yes, pop. Don't act innocent, Mr. I-Let-Frohike-Watch-Your-Apartment."
Mulder looked slightly bashful. "Is there anything we could do for you?"
Scully looked outraged. "We?! What this we stuff? I didn't do anything."
Mulder shot her a look and she stopped ranting, well aware that she would have the time and place to get him back for this.
"Actually, yeah. I'd rather not take Arcadia with me to see the guys...I have to talk to them about some business. Could you two take care of her until around 8:00?"
"Sure!" Scully beamed at her niece.
"Cool! Just, ya know, don't take her with you on the case, ok?"
"We won't. Mulder and I were calling it quits anyways. We'll be at my house, ok?"
"Absolutely. I've got to go now, sweetie." Marie kissed her daughter on the cheek. "I'll call Auntie Scully when I'm coming to pick you up."
"Yes, mummy."
Marie grinned, hugged Dana, slapped Mulder upside the head and left. "What was that about?" Mulder rubbed his head, attempting to ignore Dana's quiet laughing. Caddy faced him with quiet severity. "I believe that was for not marrying Auntie Scully yet. Mummy's a great matchmaker."
Scully burst out laughing as Mulder's face slowly turned red with embaressment.
"Don't worry Mulder, its not a big deal to get beat up by my half-sister. Besides, it's not like you've ever been that manly."9 Scully took Arcadia's hand and walked out, turning at the door. "Meet you at the car in 10, got to settle with Skinner."
Mulder spluttered. "Buh...uh..."
Arcadia and Scully walked out, leaving Mulder alone in the basement.

Meanwhile, Marie had made her way down to the garage and taken Mulder's car. She was now driving it to see the Lone Gunmen, the windows down, singing along to the radio. She idlely wondered if she shouldn't have taken Mulder's car, but brushed the thought aside. They were going to Scully's house, so they'd take Scully's car. She grinned, wondering what Mulder's reaction would be when he found out that she'd taken his car. She began mentally flipping through the radio stations until she found one playing a popular song from her own demension. Singing along loudly, she parallel parked the car in front of a small, dingy looking building. Flipping off the radio, she continued singing from memory as she got out of the car, spun around and pointed at the doorknob. Mentally unlocking it, she heard a pop and grinned broadly. Telekenesis sure was fun sometimes. Still singing loudly, she swaggered over to the door, pushed it open, and delivered the last line of the song with her eyes closed. Opening them a moment later, she found herself staring down the barrels of three handguns held by none other then Langly, Byers, and Frohike.
"Hey, guys! What's with the guns?"
Frohike, who looked completely freaked, glanced at Byers, who nodded. "What's the password?"
Marie sighed. "Wanderer, now come on guys, I've only got a bit of time." The three relaxed and Langly glanced out the window. He immediately started grinning. "Hey, come 'ere, guys. Look who's car she took."
Byers and Frohike looked out the window and cracked up. "You took Mulder's car, dude!"
Marie grinned. "Well, it's not like he's gonna need it. He's with Sculls, taking care of Arcadia. Besides, the FBI still has my car, and it would have taken too much haggling with Skinner to get him to give it back."10
All three looked at each other and grinned. "Oooh, Mulder's babysitting!"
Marie laughed, setting her briefcase on the table and opening it, taking out a small stack of papers. "Come on guys, lets make this quick, I don't have much time. Only till 8:00."
"Alright." They all came and took seats around the table. "So, whatcha got, Marie?"
"First of all, Wes wanted me to see if you could get him a list of all illegal D-Hoppers orginating from this demension."
Byers reached for the file of information. "I can do that, easy. I'll have it for him by next week."
"Great, I'll stop by and pick it up. Next, I need something to keep Arcadia from hacking into other demension's government databases."
Langly and Frohike looked at each other. "Hmm...That might take awhile, but we'll try to have it done by next week."
"Thanks! Oh, and Mulder told me to ask about the tube trace."
"Right!" Byers swiveled around on his stool and searched through a stack of papers, coming up with a hefty stack. "Here ya go, this is everything he wanted, plus a little extra I thought he might want."
"Cool, I'll make sure I give it to him tonight. Oh, and Scully told me about Mulder's research. You can stop watching my apartment and tracking me now, I've told him everyhing he needs to know." Marie glared warningly at Frohike, who squirmed.
"Oh!" Langly turned and searched through a desk drawer before coming up with a large blue plastic box. "It's for Arcadia. We got bored the other day, so we made her some things. Let us know if she solves them."
Marie grinned at Langly. "Absolutely. Bye, guys!"
"Bye, Marie!"
She waved and made her way back to the car, got in, and drove away. She looked at the radio's clock. 7:30. Just enough time to stop by that little shop11 and get some presents. 20 minutes later, Marie was on her way to Scully's house, laden with a book of myths for Picard, a ancient medicines book for Bev, a locket for Arcadia, a physics book for Wes, a new notebook for Sculls, and a book of crop circles for Mulder. She turned on the radio, then groaned as it flipped off again. She tryed the motor. Dead, completely. Sighing, she sat back and counted to ten, making a mental note of the time and place. Right on ten, the motor came back to life and the radio flipped back on.

While Marie had been chatting with the LG, Mulder and Scully had been taking care of Arcadia. After Scully settled with Skinner, Mulder had met them at Scully's car, and all three had driven to her house, having a heated discussion over the color of extra-terrestrials.12 After reaching her house, they headed inside.
"Auntie Scully, may I have some tea?"
"Sure, sweetie. Do you want me to make it?"
"No, I can do it. Do you want any?"
"Sure, rasberry, please. How about you, Mulder?"
Mulder shook his head. "No thanks."
Arcadia nodded and headed into the kitchen.
Scully looked at her small niece's form with wonder. "She's really gifted, isn't she?"
Mulder nodded. "Yeah."
Arcadia came back, then, bearing two mugs of tea. "Here you go, Auntie!"
"Thank, you, darling."
Mulder flipped on the TV, to the documentary channel, showing a volcano documentary, which Arcadia watched with wonder. "It's amazing that the people of your planet are so calm with such upheaval all round them."
Scully smiled. "Our planet is still young, and this upheaval has been going on for many years. I suppose we just get used to it."
Arcadia nodded approvingly. "Very sensible of you. It would not be wise to live in constant fear. One should enjoy the present, and not worry about the future."
Scully smiled gently at her niece. "You sound so mature for your age."
Arcadia's face lit up. "I am!" Her face fell suddenly and her voice took on a tone of urgency. "Auntie Scully, may I have some paper and a pencil? Daddy gave me a math problem to do before dinner, and I haven't done it yet."
"Of course. There's some in the middle drawer of the coffee table."
"Thank you." Arcadia reached into the drawer and pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil before looking at the TV. The TV suddenly flipped off and Caddy began working on a complicated algebra problem. Mulder and Scully exchanged surprised looks and then shrugged. It made sense that the daughter shuld inherit some of the mother's powers.
30 minutes later, Arcadia looked up from the now full paper. "There! Done."
Scully looked up from her book. "That's great, Caddy!"
Arcadia got a faraway look in her eyes, then snapped back to the present. "Mummy's almost here."
"Would you like some cookies before you go? They're oatmeal chocolate chunk, just the way you like them."
Mulder looked up from the National Geographic magazine he was reading. "Yes!"
Arcadia put the pencil away in the drawer before answering. "Yes, please."
Scully laughed. "Alright, I'll get both of you some cookies."
A moment later, she had returned with a small tin full of cookies for Arcadia and a plate of cookies for Mulder. As she handed the tin to Arcadia, they heard a car pull up. Scully looked at Mulder. "Mulder, that's your car!"
A key rattled in the lock and the door swung open, revealing Marie. "Hey, Sculls."
Mulder went over to the door and looked out. Parked by the sidewalk was his car. "Marie, you took my car."
She turned and grinned at him. "Yep! Shut the door and come here."
He did as she said, and she put down the boxes and briefcase she was carrying. "Mulder, here's the tube trace you asked Byers for and a little something I got you." She handed him a stack of papers and the book she had bought. "Scully, I got something for you too." She handed her the notebook. "And Caddy, I've got two gifts for you. Something from me and something from the guys." She handed Arcadia the blue box and fastened the locket around Caddy's neck.
"Thanks, Marie." Mulder grinned at her.
"Yes, Thank you." Scully smiled.
Arcadia stacked the blue box and tin of cookies up before smiling at her mother. "Thank you, mummy."
"Well, It's almost 8:30, I've got to get both of us back to the Enterprise to change and get to dinner in time." She picked up the boxes and briefcase, somehow still managing to offer a hand to Arcadia, who picked up her two boxes and held it.
"Bye, Marie. Bye, Caddy." Scully said, slipping the almost forgotten math paper in between two boxes.
"Bye!" Mulder grinned broadly.
"Bye, Sculls, Mulder. Oh! Tell Skinner I want my car back by next week."
Both agents grinned. Marie had been trying to get her car back from Skinner for almost two months now.
There was a smell of burnt ozone, a flash of light, and the two girls were gone.

There was a faint smell of burnt ozone, a shimmer of blue light, and Marie was standing in the living room of her quarters with her 5-year-old daughter. She set her packages down on the couch. Arcadia did the same before heading off to her bedroom. Marie headed to here bedroom to change before she and Cad had dinner with Bev.

An hour later, both Marie and Arcadia emerged from their respective rooms looking downright respectable. Marie had changed into her Starfleet uniform and but her hair up into a tight bun, while Arcadia had changed into a blue plaid jumper over a white turtleneck, brushing her hair so it curled under slightly.
“Ready to go to dinner with Grandpapa, Caddy?”
“Of course, mummy.”
Marie smiled at her small, yet mature five-year-old daughter.
“Come on, Cad. Let’s go.”
The two walked out of their quarters, carrying the wrapped gifts with them. Two doors down, the walked into Beverly’s suite.
“Bev? Ya home?”
Beverly Crusher, mother-in-law to Marie, walked out of her office.
“Oh, Hello, Marie.”
“Am I early?”
“A little.”
Marie grinned. “Not too early, to judge by the fact that Picard is walking down the hall as we speak.”
Beverly’s face registered no surprise at this fact, as she was used to Marie’s “powers”.
The door opened and Jean-Luc Picard walked in. Arcadia squealed and ran over to him. “Grandpapa!”
Her grandfather picked her up, nestling her in the crook of his arm as he went over the Beverly and Marie. “Marie, it’s good to see you.”
“You see me all the time, dad.”
Picard smiled. “True, true.”

A few un-eventful hours later, Marie pushed her chair away from the table.
“That was wonderful, Bev.”
“It’s a recipe my grandmother taught me.”
Marie walked around to the other side of the table and kissed her.
“Good old Irish cooking.13 I really must get Caddy to bed. Goodnight, Bev.”
“Goodnight, Marie.”
Picard stood up and hugged his daughter and granddaughter goodnight.
“Goodnight, sweetie.”
“Night, dad.”
Marie and Arcadia walked back to their quarters and fell soundly asleep. Neither suspected the events that would befall them the next day.

Marie woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping loudly. She patted the floor next to the bed, looking for her robe. Not feeling it, she groggily opened her eyes and groaned loudly as she saw it hanging on a hook next to the door. She snapped her fingers. Nothing happened. Sitting up now, she snapped her fingers again. Nothing happened.
“That’s odd.” She pulled out her book of Legalities and Protocol for D-Hoppers. Opening it to the first page, a message greeted her.
You are currently undergoing
A “Power Crisis”
I’d pack a bag, cause you’ve
Only got one trip
To get back to a dimension that is close
To your home dimension
Wacky, Ain’t it?
Marie sighed. Sometimes this book had entirely too much humor in it. Ah well. She got out of bed, dressed in her usual dimension appropriate clothing, and packed a duffle full of similar clothes. She then went to wake Arcadia.
“Cad, darling, wake up.”
“Wake up, darling.”
Caddy sat up. She looked at her mother. “Mummy? Why are you wearing clothes like you’re going to see Auntie Scully?”
Marie sighed. “Darling, you’re going to have to stay with Grandpapa for a bit. I don’t honestly know how long.”
“I have to get back to my home dimension, but I’m only allowed one trip, so I’m going to stay with Sculls for a bit. If I don’t go to Auntie Scully’s demension, my powers will be revoked completely.”
“I’m going to go make breakfast. You get dressed.”
Marie went into the kitchen. “What to make…Oooh…Cinnamon rolls! From a can!”14 She grinned widely and whacked the can hard against the counter. It burst open and she put the doughy rolls into the pan, popping them into the oven just as Arcadia came into the kitchen.
“Hey, Sweetie.”
“Hi, mummy.”

After several hours of negotiations with Picard, Marie was ready to be on her way.
“Ok, so you two are gonna be OK?”
“And, Dad, you promise not to do any heroics junk, right?”15
“Alrighty then.”
“Bye mummy!”
“Bye, Caddy, Dad.”
There was a shimmer of blue, a faint smell of burnt ozone, and Marie was gone.

Chapter 2: Power Crisis…With Pickles!
There was a flash of light, a faint smell of burnt ozone, and a teenage girl was standing in the living room of a small house in Washington D.C.
“Sculls? Ya home?”
The girl tilted her head to listen for an answer. There was none. She shrugged.
The girl was Marie Anderson, adopted half-sister of Dana Scully, mother of one, Starfleet Admiral, Grand Empress, and a sort-of FBI agent. Sort-of in the fact that she occasionally helped out Sculls on a case, got to carry a handgun (Which she found way super awesome), and got paid. She was an average height, red hair, green/blue/brown eyes (She never was really sure what color they were), wearing a white blouse and black business skirt, and carrying a medium sized duffle bag with a black business jacket draped over it.
Plopping down on the couch, she pulled out a PADD she had “borrowed” from the Enterprise. On the PADD was the Inter-Dimensional Directory, or IDD. It was used to make sure CDs, books, and other things didn’t accidentally slip into dimensions in which they hadn’t been published. After flipping through it for a few minutes, she stuffed it back into the duffle with a pleased smile.
“Scully’s not gonna be pleased that I’m crashing in her pad… The least I could do is make dinner.”
She slipped off her black pointed shoes and put them neatly in a row with the other shoes by the door. She then ruffled through her bag, finally coming up with an apron that said, “I can cook…But Mulder can’t!” She had made it after a very unpleasant experience with Mulder’s home cooking. She fastened the apron around her waist, popped a CD into the stereo, turned it up loud enough that she could hear it in the kitchen, and went to go make dinner.

Two hours later, at 6:00, the smell of frying Boca burgers filled the kitchen, as Marie busily checked her timers.
“Ok, good, two minutes for that, two minutes for that…” She nodded happily and went to go set the table.
Meanwhile, a light blue car had pulled up outside. Scully looked out the car window and froze. She could see someone moving about in her living room, the lights were on, and she could faintly hear a CD playing as she stepped out on the car. Pulling out her gun, she cautiously shut the car door behind her, walked up to the front door, and slowly turned the key in the lock. Opening the door, she saw nobody in the living room, just a black duffle on the couch. Walking further into the house, into the dining room, she saw Marie busily setting the table. Marie looked up and grinned.
“Hey, Sculls. What’s with the gun?”
“Just being cautious.”
“I can understand that, you being Scully and all.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Back in my demension, it’s a big joke to see how many times you almost get killed.”16
“Ah. Oh, Marie?”
“What’re you doing in my house?”
Marie winced slightly. This was gonna take a while…

Several hours later, the entire situation had been explained, in detail, to Scully.
“So, let me get this straight.”
“Your powers are failing. You have to get back to your home demension to recharge them. My demension is closest to yours, spatially. You’re gonna need to crash here for a few weeks.”
Scully ran a hand over her nose, pinching the bridge.
“Maer…” Scully used a nickname made up by Marie’s adopted sister, Tabytha, adding a soft Gaelic lilt learnt from her niece.
“Please, Dana?”
“I could just go stay with Mulder.”
Scully peeked over her hand with a look of horror.17
“Yes, fine, you can stay here.”
“Come on, let’s go set you up in the guest room.”
The two carried their dishes into the kitchen, Marie grabbed the duffle from the couch, and they made their way towards the back of the house.

“So, you don’t, like, have AC ducts, do you?”
“Nope, got them all removed.”
The two girls grinned at each other, somewhat nervously.18
“Here’s the guest room.”
Marie pushed open the door, revealing a rather pretty room, decorated in a color scheme of purple. She glanced at Scully. “I thought you hated purple.”
Scully shrugged. “Melissa19 came to stay for a month. She redecorated.”
Marie began unpacking, putting her clothes into the drawers of a short dresser that was at the end of the bed. Scully quickly moved to help. After all, Marie /was/ her half-sister.

An hour later, Marie plopped onto the bed with a sigh. Scully sat next to her.
“Well, that took longer than I expected.”
“You tired too?”
“What time is it?"
“9:00. We should get to bed.”
“G’night, Marie.”
“Night, Dana.”
And so they slept. And danger crept closer. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s just dawn. Whatever.

And so, the days went by. Marie became very familiar with the discovery channel.20 Scully became very familiar with stir-fry. All was good in the house of Scully, till one day…
Marie rifled through the fridge, looking for a snack. It was a Saturday.
“You got any pickles?”
“I want pickles, that’s why.”
“I think I do.”
“Well, where are they?”
“Top shelf, behind the milk?”
“Middle shelf, behind the mustard.”
“Bottom shelf, next to the bread.”
“Bring me one.”
“And a fork.”
“Want me to just bring the jar?”
Marie rolled her eyes. She hadn’t been able to use her powers for over a week now. Ah well. At least there’s pickles.

Chapter 3: MDSISTDTT21

Security Level 6 required to access this chapter. Your security badge states that you do not have the proper clearance.

Please turn the page.

Chapter 4: The Mighty Shall Know
Marie stuck her head around the edge of Scully’s door. She could see Scully sitting at her desk, working on the computer.
“Two things. 1) You should stop working. It’s late. 2) Mulder called. He wants you to come to a party.”
“A party?”
“Yep. Skinner is throwing a office party.”
Scully’s face fell. She didn’t want to run off to a party and leave Marie here. She knew how lonely Marie was during the day when she had to work. “Maer…”
“Maer” grinned impishly and continued. “…And he said that Byers wants me to come too.”
“Yep.” Marie caught Scully’s teasing smile and glared at her. “It’s nothing romanticky. Byers is a friend of Wesley’s, and he promised he’d look after me while I was here.”
Suddenly, they heard a voice calling from the living room. “Marie?”
Marie got a strange faraway look in her eyes, then snapped back to reality and ran into the living room. A girl, about the same age as Marie, was standing there. She had long wavy blonde hair, piercingly deep blue eyes, and was wearing a white blouse and light blue summer skirt. Upon seeing Marie, she grinned widely.
“It’s been ages since I’ve seen you!”
“I know!”
“Oh, hey, Command sent me with a message for you.”
“Oh, great. What is it?”
“They say not to worry, you can go back home soon, we just had a situation.”
“A Situation?”
“De-con, I think.”
“They told me I was having my power crisis to get me out of my dimension for a /De-con situation/?”
Scully had by this point in time made it to the living room.
“Care to introduce me?”
“Oh, sorry. Sculls, Tabytha. Tabytha, Sculls.”
The doorbell rang. Scully got a slight look of panic on her face, Marie started laughing, and Tabytha pushed them both into the closet and went to answer the door.

Mulder rang the doorbell, shifting from foot to foot with impatience. Figures, Marie probably hadn’t told Scully yet. Suddenly, the door swung open, revealing a teenage girl who looked like she was attempting not to laugh. She had long, wavy blond hair, deep blue eyes, bright red lips, and was wearing a white blouse and light blue summer skirt that was swirling about her ankles with the fall breeze. She took a deep breath and then said, “Yes?” in the most professional voice she could muster.
“I…I’m here to see Dana Scully, is she in?” Mulder mentally frowned. What the hey was this girl doing in Scully’s house?
“Your name?”
“Hold still.” She looked directly into his eyes, the deep blue of her eyes almost too painful to look at. He had a fleeting sense of pain flash through his head, but as he attempted to locate its source, it dissipated. The girl grinned and stepped aside, gesturing for him to come in. He stepped inside, automatically checking the house for any obvious signs of struggle.22
The girl turned to face him. “You’ll want to know who I am, how I’m connected to your partner, and whether I just mind-scanned you.”
Mulder nodded slowly, slightly stunned by the fact that she had guessed his thoughts…Or had she really guessed them?
“She’s Tabytha, my half-sister. She’s a D-Hopper, like me. She came to visit me. And yes, she did just mind-scan you.
Mulder looked utterly bewildered, than suddenly everything went black.

Tabytha dashed forward, catching Mulder as he fainted. Scully and Marie stepped forward, and between the three of them, they managed to get him into the living room. Scully laid him on the couch, feeling his forehead anxiously.
“He’s not hot, so it’s not a fever.”
“Too much shock, probably.” Tabytha offered this explanation from the kitchen, where she had retreated to make tea.
“Mmm…” Marie nodded, than jerked upright. “Speaking of shock, Sculls and I need to go get ready.”
“For?” Tabytha emerged from the kitchen balancing a tray full of tea things.
“A party, Tabby.”
“Oooh, can I come?”
Scully glanced nervously at Marie, and mouthed, “Skinner?”
“Relax, Sculls. I can handle Skinner and Langly’s coming, so he can keep Tabby here out of trouble.”
“Tabytha grinned widely. “Come on, lets go get ready.”
“What about Mulder?” Dana stroked his hair, a deeply caring and compassionate expression on her face.
“He’ll be fine!”
Scully hesitated.
“Come /on/, Sculls!”
The three girls hurried down the corridor, laughing and talking, glancing back occasionally at the comatose FBI man.23

Once in the bedroom, Marie pulled out a large black rectangle cellphone, shushing the two girls. She dialed a number on it and waited impatiently. Finally, someone picked up.
“Marie? Is that you?”
“What can I do for ya?”
“Well, Langley, I need you to take my sister to an office party at the FBI.”
“Your sister?”
“Yeah, blonde, my height, blue eyes, smart.”
“And no getting into trouble.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means no sneaking off to go through files, keeping my sis out of trouble, and if you can manage it, no getting arrested.”
“Ok, so when should I be there? And where is there?”
“In like 10 minutes and there is Scully’s house. Frohike knows the address, ask him.”24

Later that night…
“Thanks for giving us a ride home, Mulder.” Marie smiled at him as she stepped out of the car.
“No problem.”
Marie extended her hand to Scully as she got out of the car, and then to Tabytha. They stood by the curb, wavering on the edge of sleep.
“Well, I ought to get these two to bed. Bye.”
“Bye.” Mulder smiled at her and then pulled away from the curb.
Marie watched him for a minute, than led the two girls inside to get them into bed.

1This is a reference to an online community in which I am a Grand Empress. I really oughtn’t be wearing my circlet in this dimension, because it would be hard to explain.
2It is a joke among Philes that Frohike thinks Scully’s cute, almost to the point of stalking her, so it would be rather creepy if he was watching your apartment.
3This is a X-Files joke, because in the show, it’s a big joke that Mulder “lives in the basement”.
4I couldn’t help putting this in here, because in the pilot episode, when Scully first goes down to the basement to meet Mulder, he is organizing slides as she opens the door.
5At the FBI academy in Quantico, Mulder got the nickname “Spooky” because of his unusual ideas about aliens and such.
6Mulder won’t let anyone call him Fox cause he’s weird, and Scully won’t let anyone call him Fox cause she’s delusional and thinks that he only lets people call him Fox if he really likes them.
7This is a really lame reference to a 80s show. I’ve been watching too much I Love The 80s. What can I say? : P
8This is another in-joke because Mulder almost /never/ calls Scully Dana, so it’s really weird when he does.
9I mean, come /on/. He wears pink shirts and makes sad puppy dog faces whenever Scully’s gone.
10Marie was investigated by the FBI a while back, and they took her car. She hasn’t been able to get it back from Skinner for over two months.
11The “little shop” is where Mulder allegedly bought his really awesome “I Want To Believe” poster.
12Mulder believes that EBE’s are grey, while Arcadia believes they’re green, and Scully was yelling at both of them to shut up and let her drive. Scully doesn’t handle stress well. -_- EBE stands for Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity
13Beverly’s grandmother was originally Irish, and died towards the sixth or seventh season. Upon which event, Beverly ended up getting seduced by a ghost and almost getting killed. Ah well.
14I /love/ cinnamon rolls from a can. They are just the funnest thing to make. :D
15Picard sometimes gets the weird notion that since he’s the captain, he has to risk his life to save everyone else. Really weird.
16It is, actually. The entire second season is basically “How many ways can we almost kill Scully?”
17Mulder and Scully like each other, they just won’t admit it.
18There was an episode where someone crawled through Scully’s AC ducts and tried to kill her.
19Melissa is Scully’s real sister.
20This is a huge in-joke that Scully only has educational TV.
21MDSISTDTT= Mulder Does Something Incredibly Stupid To Discover The Truth
22See footnote number, like, 16 or something.
23FBI man is what the Native Americans called Mulder in “The Blessing Way”. Rather stupid episode, really.
24In one episode, Frohike told Mulder that he could borrow a pair of night vision goggles if he gave Frohike Scully’s address.