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Disclaimer: I sincerely apoligize to The dudes and dudettes who made Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, X-Files, and various other things I'm probably ripping off. Don't sue me. I have no money, I'm a kid. I'm also quasi-insane, so don't bother trying to hunt me down to sue me, I'm in the phone book under D.Scully. MUHAHA! (I also apoligize to Dannichu, who I modeled this Disclaimer on.)
Thanks to: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who basically made me insane and paranoid enough to write this. My parents, for giving me the Hitchhikers Guide to read. All my wonderful friends, but especially Athena, for not totally killing me for chattering about X-Files and Hitchhiker's guide.

This is the story of the universe. Rather, it is the story of its saving, and the girl who did it. This girl was Arcadia Circe Munroe. She was a ordinary girl...well, almost. Her father was the President of Earth, so she was a bit of a celebrity. Caddy was thirteen, and a tall, willowy girl. She had beautiful ginger colored hair, and green eyes. Caddy's story begins on a Tuesday. June 15th, 2047, at precisely 6:08 AM.
Room 1013
Earth Orbiter 1
June 15th, 2047, 6:08 AM
Arcadia Circe Munroe awoke reluctently. She did not want to get up. Bolly, her Columbirra Corperated clock, greeted her in a dull, monotone voice.
"Good Morning."
Surprised, Caddy forced herself up, resting on one elbow, and glared suspiciously at her clock.
"What's wrong, Bolly?"
"The world is going to end."
"Is it?"
"I suppose I'd better find a way off, hadn't I?"
"Yes." There was a slightly more cheerful tone to the clock's voice, as if it had realized that Arcadia wasn't going to be collapsing into hysterics anytime soon, and was perfectly happy to deal with someone sensible.
Caddy clambered out of bed, and rifled underneath the bed until she came up with a backpack, a duffle bag, and two pieces of rolling luggage. She then went to her closet and chose some clothes for the day. Yanking on some cargo pants and a turtleneck, she realized that her mother wouldn't let her leave the room in this state. Sighing loudly, she found a green dress and a gold circlet, putting the dress on over her clothes and tossing the circlet to Bolly. She went over to her dressing table and sat on the stool in front of it. She pulled out a hairbrush, and a small box. She carefully brushed her hair and then took a hairband out of the box, pulling back her hair and settling the circlet neatly on her head.
"Say, you wouldn't know when the world's going to end, would you?"
"I do. At exactly 11:21."
Caddy began packing the entire contents of her closet into the larger piece of luggage.