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Talks on Romulean Plot
Scribe: Admiral Marie Anderson
You say, "Please, have a seat."
Trowa says, "oh, so we're Negociating."
Trowa coughs.
Trowa says, "I'm representing the Brotherhood then, I assume."
Trowa sits down in the chair.
You say, "No, we are discussing the plot idea."
Argodion teleports in.
Argodion sits down in the char.
Argodion says, "yay!\"
Argodion gets up from the chair.
Argodion sits down in the char.
You say, "Now. The Romulean plot."
You say, "I am open to suggestions, gentlemen."
Trowa says, "You will disable a Warbird or five, and land them on Mar Sara.."
Trowa says, "so the brotherhood may be included in the conflict."
Argodion says, "oooh!"
You say, "Right, hold on...need to take notes."
Argodion says, "hum"
Argodion says, "Arrak-something"
Argodion says, "I forget the name"
Argodion says, "INCLUDE THAT!"
Argodion says, "*hophophop*"
You say, "Mkay, please procede."
You say, "So lets say that I find signs of Romuleans in this sector..."
Trowa says, "here, Marie?"
You say, "Yeppers?"
Trowa says, "Why don't we have a Defiant class ship be destroyed while on patrol, signifying that romulans are invading this Sector."
Argodion says, "how about Covenant are with the romu-thingies? :D"
You say, "Excellent Idea!"
Argodion says, "yay!"
Argodion says, "I'm glad you think so"
Trowa says, "So, hmm.s"
Argodion says, "*hophophohophop*"
Trowa says, "the covvies put out Groundforces. I fight them."
Trowa says, "and you deal with the space stuff."
Trowa says, "but, okay. now we've got the general idea.."
Trowa says, "Lets do a little in Character Meeting."
You say, "Exactlly! *waves pen*"
Trowa poofs into General mode, and slams a Pulse rifle on the table.
Marie waves her hands down over her body, spinning and is in Q-ing/Admiral mode.
You say, "Argo."
Argodion says, "eh?"
You say, "We are poofing, spinning, you is doing nothing,"
You say, "Mode argo."
Trowa says, "Yeah, Mode into your Space Command."
Argodion says, "uhm"
Argodion modes into a Spartan with an S2AM sniper rifle, and a Darkbow?
You say, "Right."
Trowa removes his helmet, and growls..
Argodion brandishes his Meteor arrows
A whirlwind of mist appears in front of you, obscuring your vision, and then quickly vanishes as Silvermist steps out from it.
Silvermist romps about the room.
Trowa pokes silvermist.
Trowa says, "You are Interrupting a Sealed meeting.. prepare to die."
Trowa raises his pulse rifle to between silvermist's eyes.
You say, "I invited him."
Silvermist says, "Marie invited me, stuid."
Trowa says, ".......oh."
Trowa calms down, and sets his rifle back down.
Silvermist says, "Stupid, even. :P"
You say, "He should be a part of these talks."
Trowa sits on the /faaaar/ edge of the table, away from everybody else.
Trowa says, "there is no such thing as 'de-oderant' on Mar Sara.."
You say, "Right."
You say, "Someone care to brief Silver?"
Trowa says, "well, we're holding a massive plot."
Trowa says, "Covenant and Romulans Team up to attack."
You say, "Yeppers. *nods."
Silvermist says, "ooooookay"
Trowa says, "the BoS attacks the Covvie Ground forces, while Starfleet and the UNSC fight the rommies and covies up in space."
You say, "I kick butt."
Trowa says, "Okay."
Trowa says, "ANYWAY."
Trowa says, "the brotherhood will need supplies to keep us going, since Hydroponics can only suppor us for SO LONG."
Trowa says, "We have enough Weapons, and Ammo, but our main needs are Food,Unradiated water, and Parts for Vehicles."
You say, "Which when we are unified the Federation can easily supply."
Trowa says, "Do you still have any Fossile Fuels?"
You say, "Hrm...."
Trowa says, "we've made an Alcohol-powered engine, but it isn't as effective as Gasoline."
You say, "No I don't think so....those were radicated(I think that is the right word) a long time ago on Earth..."
Trowa says, "hmm. we will need to get our Top scribes designing a new engine them, one that will run on something we have in a more ready supply.."
You say, "We might be able to replicate it though..."
Trowa says, "we could make Micro Fusion cells."
Trowa says, "I believe there was an Engine design that used them for power."
Trowa starst sifting through the files of his Pipboy.
You say, "Right so that will need to be taken care of. Argo, Silver? Any other additions?"
Marie waves her hand in front of their faces.
Silvermist says, "Not really."
Trowa moons Silvermist and Argodion.
Trowa says, "Wakie Wakie."
Silvermist says, "Eww."
Silvermist says, "Put 'cho pants on, boyo :O"
Trowa puts back on his power armor.
You say, "Okay....:O....Argo?"
Trowa says, "the Brotherhood also will need Heavy weaponry, which I know you can provide. M60's, Browning M2's, and Rocket launchers can only go so far."
Argodion says, "*is busy*"
You say, "Right. seems like we have the sart of a rather big plot!"
You say, "*start"
Trowa nods.
Trowa says, "I will need to get the brotherhood to set up a Bunker again.. we have been Roaming for quiet some time now."
You say, "So what is the next step do ya think?"
Trowa says, "Me going and Making a planet."
Trowa says, "or us just starting right now."
You say, "Well, I think that you should make the planet first. Whadda you think Silver?"
Silvermist says, "Whatever you want."
You say, "Right. I think that adjourns this meeting, people. "
Marie saves her notes on her PADD and rises.