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Trowa gets everybody in his Bunker to get ready.. and suddenly a COVENANT ELITE BURSTS IN!!
Trowa grabs the elite, twists it's leg, then shoves a Ripper(thing mini chainsaw)in its mouth, and throws it against the wall.
Marie says "Huh. "
Marie listens to Data say there is a small ship that appears to be hovering in the atmosphere of the planet and sending down people...
Marie says "Mr. Data, contact the General. We're returning his favor."
IC> Marie sends out a channel to the bunker...
Trowa says "Whaaaat? "
Trowa is torturing another Elite
Trowa rips off the jaws one by one. "She loves me, she loves me not.. she loves me.. she loves me not..she loves me*CRACK**elitescream*"
Trowa says "(elites have 5 jaws. two to each side, and one top one."
Marie says "Just a heads up, but there is a small ship in your atomosphere sending down troops of people."
Marie says "There is a large group of lifesigns heading for your bunker...look out..."
Trowa says "Oh goodies. LOCK AND LOAD PEOPLE! No Plasma weaponry, Bring lots of Calisto Liberties, and M60's! Bring 5000 9mm JHP rounds, 10000 7.62 mm rounds!"
Trowa grabs an M60, and hops into one of the trenchs. "BRING UP THE TANKS, TAKE THAT TRANSPORT OUT!"
Trowa watchs a volley of 21 tank shells rip the ships cockpit open, crashing the transport, and generally shocking the crud out of the covenant.
Trowa watches the remaining 9 tanks shoot shells at the Hunters, while the rest of the brotherhood lays down suppressive fire with their weapons, putting out about 500 shells per minute, generally pinning them down