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Scully smiled happily, relaxing. “Marie, we did it!” She waited for a response. Getting none, she turned around. “Marie?”
Her 15 year old friend’s eyes were closed, her normally healthy tan skin deathly white. Dana rushed over to her, catching her as she fell to the ground. “Marie?” She took her pulse as Mulder, her partner, walked over to her.
“How is she?”
“Her pulse is wavering. It’s very faint. I’m losing her.”
He sensed her sadness and put his hand on her shoulder. “Dana…”
Marie’s eyes flickered open. A hand reached up. “Sculls…”
“I’m here.” Scully grasped her friend’s hand.
“Tell everyone…I love them.” Marie’s grasp tightened.
Dana trembled. A shimmer of blue light surrounded her friend, and left an empty space. Dana Katherine Scully wept, mourning for her friend. Mulder bent down beside her, embracing her.

A young girl, no more than fifteen, materilized in Ops. Kira Narys turned simultaniously with Commander Cisco.
“Who the hell is that, Major?”
“I’m not sure, sir.” Kira knelt beside the girl, scanning her with the tricorder. “She’s human, 15 years old. She appears to have teleported here. She’s also unconcious, and has several cuts and scrapes.”
“Take her to Dr. Bashir and notify me when she wakes up.”
Kira nodded, pressing her comm badge. “Major Narys to Dr. Bashir.”
Several decks below her, in his office, Julian Bashir looked up. “Yes?”
“Doctor, an unconcious fifteen year old girl just materialized in Ops.”
“I’ll be right there. Bashir out.” He grabbed his medkit and took off towards to turbolift.

Marie stirred. She struggled to open her eyes. Finally accomplishing this task, she was met with bright lights. Groaning, she hastily closed them again. She heard voices. What were they saying?
“Doctor, she’s awake.” A nurse? Why would there be a nurse here? And for that matter, where /was/ here?
“Alright. Notify Commander Cisco that she’s concious again.” A british voice?
Cautiously opening her eyes again, she saw a strangely familiar young man.
She struggled to sit up, but he gently pushed her back onto the bed.
“Don’t try to move. You haven’t had any major injuries, but you’re quite weak, physically and mentally.”
Suddenly, she regonized him. “Julian? Julian Bashir?”
He paused, startled.
“Yes, but how do you know my name?”
At his affirmitive, her eyes took on a touch of fear. She pushed aside his hands and pushed herself upright. “I must get to a computer terminal.”
“Lay down. You’re too weak.”
She fixed him with a surprisely intense glare. “/Now/.”
Sighing, he showed her to the nearest computer terminal. Within seconds, she had navigated her way into the Starfleet personel records. Just then, Commander Cisco, Major Narys, and Chief O’Brian walked into the infirmary. Julian hastened over to them. Glancing at the girl sitting bolt upright at the computer terminal, Commander Cisco raised his eyebrows questioningly at Dr. Bashir. “I though you said she was too weak to move.”
“She’s remarkably independent and opinionated. She insisted that she be shown to a terminal.”
As if regonizing that she was being talked about, the girl spun her chair around to face them.
“Benjamin, Kira, Miles.” She smiled, nodding to each of them in turn.
Benjamin Cisco whispered to Julian, “How does she know our names?”
“I don’t know, sir. She regonized me almost immediately.”
“Miles, I don’t suppose you regonize me, do you?”
Miles O’Brian shook his head. “No, I don’t.”
“Good. Come, sit down, all of you, and I’ll explain.”
They all warily took seats around her and she began.
“I am Marie Elizabet Kalia Anderson. I come from Earth, though a very different Earth than you know. In fact, my Earth is in a completely different dimension. You see, that is my talent. I can hop across demensions, in effect, teleport myself from one to another. I belong to an organization of people like me. You probably haven’t heard of the center, as we tend to keep a low profile. I have whats called Connective Teleportation Ability, or ConPort for short. I can only reach demensions I have direct contact with. For instance, TV shows or online groups.”
At the befuddled looks or her audience, she sighed. “I suppose it might be wise to explain that in my world, it’s the year 2005.”
As this cleared up some things, she continued. “In my demension, there is a TV show called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This is how I know all of your names. However, I can only reach four demensions, because my ability is limited. Those four demensions are the Star Trek: The Next Generation demension, the X-Files Demension, the TagMOO demension, and my home demension. Right now, the only one that matters is the TNG demension. You’ve all met Captain Picard, right?” A few people nodded. “Ok, but I don’t exsist in this demension. In an alternate demension, I serve aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D. I’ve got the rank of an admiral.”
At this, Kira broke in. “But you’re only fifteen!”
Marie fixed her with the same glare she’d given Julian earlier. “And?”
Kira backed down, muttering, “Nothing.”
“Good. Anyways, I was part a huge battle against Evil in the X-Files demension. I fell unconcious and my body teleported me here. My friends there probably think I’m dead, as my pulse gets quite faint when I fall unconcious to preserve my mental abilities.”
Julian’s eyes glittered and he sat forward, very interested. Marie shook her finger at him. “You stay away from my mental abilities, Julian. I’m not letting you run any tests on me yet.”
Cisco glared at the two of them. “But how do we know any of this is true?”
Marie smiled. “Watch.”
She snapped her fingers, materializing a PADD that was previously across the room into her lap. Cisco sat back, unimpressed. Marie sighed.
She pointed her finger at the PADD in her lap, levitating it back across the room to its previous perch.
She smiled smugly at the Commander. “Convinced?”
“Not quite. How do we know you can hop across demensions?”
“I’d show you if I could, but frankly, the battle completely exausted my major powers. I’m too weak to attempt any hopping whatsoever. I’d appreciate it very much if I could stay here at the station for as long as needed.”
“Of course.”
“Thank you, Commander.”
“Dr. Bashir will be looking after your medical health, and the Major will show you to your quarters when the doctor pronounces you fit enough to leave the infirmary.”
“Thank you very, very much.”
“You’re welcome. After all, in your own way, you are a Starfleet Admiral, and besides, you materialized in Ops. That’s interesting enough to generate some attention.”
Julian cleared his throat. “If that is quite all, Commander, I really must get Ms. Anderson back to bed.”
Benjamin took the hint and left with Kira and Miles. As he walked out of the infirmary, he heard Marie say, “Really, Julian, must you call me Ms. Anderson?” He smiled in spite of himself. This girl was going to be a handful of trouble, he just knew it.

“Alright, you’re good enough to go. You’re still quite weak, so it’s best if you get some rest and mainly stay in your quarters or do non-strenuous activities.”
“Thank you, Julian.”
“Here’s Kira to show you your quarters.”
Kira walked into the infirmary as Julian helped Marie down from the exam table. Together, Marie and Kira walked out of the infirmary and to her quarters.

“Here we are.”
Marie pressed the door open button and peered inside. It was rather like her quarters on the Enterprise, except somewhat Cardassian.
“Thank you, Kira.”
“You’re welcome. The Commander said that he expects you and Dr. Bashir to join him for lunch tommorow.”
“Of course.”
Kira smiled and left. Marie sighed wearily and went over to the food replicator.
“Coffee, one creamer, no sugar.”
A small mug materialized in the replicator. She picked it up and took a sip. Smiling, she went over and crawled into bed. She finished her coffee and within seconds, she was soundly asleep.

The next morning, Marie consulted the computer as to how she could get some new clothes. Apparently, in her closet, there was a outreach of the computer that she could design and replicate her own clothes with. She strode over to her closet and yanked it open. Sure enough, a cheery voice greeted her.
“Hello, how may I help you with your clothing needs today?”
Marie thought for a second, than leaned forward.
“Can you pull up simple dress patterns?”
The computer did so, and Marie studied them.
“Okay, take this one,” She pointed to a rather simple streamlined dress, “But give it the skirt of this one.” She pointed to a dress with a lovely pleated skirt.
The computer did so. “Is that all for your design?”
“Yes, I believe so.”
“Now add finishing touches.” The computer projected an image of her dress, than brought up a color menu. She chose an herb green color. Next it brought up a details menu, and she chose a little ribbon edging around the collar, to make it smooth and shiny.
“Alright, I’m done. Replicate that.”
The computer busily hummed away, than a beautiful herb green dress materialized in the closet.
“Ok, now bring up the simple pinifore designs.” Now used to the computer, she quickly chose a simple pinifore, put some nice blue flower embriodary on it, and replicated it. Satisfied with her creations, she closed the closet. She was still wearing her trenchcoat she’d been wearing in the X-Files demension.
Suddenly, she checked her pockets. Triumphant, she came up with a pair of nice blue earrings.

At 1150 hours, Marie dressed in the green dress and pinifore she’d designed earlier. She carefully put her blue earrings in, than twirled in front of the mirror. Perfect. She checked the time. 1155 hours. The little door buzzer sounded, and she started in surprise. Who would that be? She shrugged and called out, “Come in.”
The door slid open, and none other than Julian, in a /suit/, stepped inside.
“Oh, hello, Julian.”
Julian stood akwardly. “Hello.”
Marie stood up, smoothing her pinifore. “What do you think?”
“You look wonderful.” He smiled at her, proffering his arm. “Shall we go meet the commander for lunch?”
She smiled back at him, then took his arm, and together, they walked out of her quarters.

"So, doctor, what is the verdict on our guest's health?"
Julian glanced at Marie, smiling. "She'll be quite alright. I estimate that she'll only have to put up with us for a two weeks, maximum."
"Well, Marie, it looks like you'll be staying with us for quite a bit."
Marie smiled graciously. "I look forward to it, Benjamin."
The three spent the rest of the meal talking good-naturedly, and at the end, Cisco wrote up a note instructing everyone, epescially Quark, to give her whatever she needed because she was the station's speacial guest.