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And so it Begins.
Trowa hears a report on the TV in his bunker..
Marie says "What? "
Trowa says "'Defiant class ship blown to kibblets, more at eleven'"
Marie OI!
Marie strides to her ready room, teeling Worf to put a channel through to Starfleet Command and set a course for the cooridents.
Trowa commands that all brotherhood soldiers at Bunker Alpha be outfitted with Plasma rifles, and plasma pistols..
Marie gets details from Starfleet and sits back in her chair sighing....
Marie goes back onto the bridge and tells Worf to contact the ships in this area and go to Red Alert.
Marie says "*mutters* Bloody Romuleans."
Trowa contacts the Defience.
Trowa hears a Dialtone....
Trowa growls and sends out a Radio signal, knowing the ship is nearby. Marie tells Worf to put it through to her ready room.
Marie says "Yes General?"
Trowa says "My long range scanners picked up some cloaked ships nearby you."
Marie curses.
Trowa says "One has just manuvered himself behind you.. look out."
Marie says "FIRE ALL AFT PHASERS!!!!!"
Marie thinks Aft is the right word.
Marie Thank you General.
Marie says "Fire all weapons at preatty much any thing that decloaks or any spacial disturbence."
Marie says "RED ALERT!"
Marie says "Battle Stations! Prepare to detach the saucer."
Trowa orders the Nuke to get trapped to the missle shell..
Trowa Watches as a Nuclear missle flies up towards on of the warbirds, blows its engines off, and the gravitational pull throws it onto Mar sara.
Marie says "Congratulations General, You just landed one."
Trowa has already deployed 50 hummers full of elite squads to deal with it.
Trowa hear's romulan screams of pain
Marie says "One step ahead of me."
Marie says "Prehaps we should propose a truce considering recent events?"
Marie says "I have a feeling this is the tip of the iceburg, so to speak."
Trowa says "hmm. "
Trowa says "or, maybe.."
Marie says "Have your men bring back one for questioning."
Trowa watches Dagger squad drag back 50.
Marie says "Perfect. "
Marie says "I believe you said Or...? "
Trowa says "hmm.. "
Trowa pokes a button, and 50 small nukes pop out of a silo.
Marie flinches. Sorry, old reflex.
Trowa says "hehe. "
Marie grins