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Upon entering the coastal city of Savannah, you
first smell the faint scent of the ocean. A wonderful aroma
that draws you back in time when James Oglethorpe first spotted
the high bluff overlooking the Savannah River in 1733.

He sat
foot on a beautiful wilderness. Little did he know how that land
had also drawn the French and Spanish.

But Oglethorpe
had other ideas in mind to make that city his.

Yamacraw Bluff
became a settlement and was placed under a Board of Trustees and
the colonist were given plots of land to build a new life.



Pulaski Square

Montgonery Square

Reynolds Square

Johnson Square

Warren Square

Of the one hundred and fifteen colonist there were a few debtors,
a few of England unemployed and Protestants escaping persecution
for their faith. They were good people who were willing and eager
for a new life. To show his appreciation, Oglethorpe designed and
planned a city so fine that until this day it has stood strong,
fast and sturdy against war and destruction.

This proud city
draws you to the days of hoop skirts, magnolias, mulberry trees
and of course, the azaleas. Imagine, if you will, what you would
have been doing December 22, 1864 when General Sherman gifted
President Lincoln the City of Savannah as a Christmas Present!!
The President gave us Lady Rebs not only Grace from God, but peace.
Our treasures saved, our brave battle scared husbands, sons and
brothers home at last.

In the 1950s a few of our Lady Rebs saw the
decay eroding our charming city. With the help of The Historic
Savannah Foundation and the National Park Service, a two and a
half-mile square area became a dream.

And what a dream!!! Imagine
yourself in not just a place, but in a Savannah state of mind.




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