The real ending

by JinnyW
October 2002


Braga yelped excitedly. "Got it! A perfect end to the series!"

"Strand Voyager on a planet of nubile 16 year olds?"

"No! Let's give Janeway a boyfriend."

Berman's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Are you feeling alright?"

"She deserves it, after all these years. All those lonely nights…"

Berman stopped sniffing Braga's half-eaten Twinkie. "Who? An alien babe?"

"He's been there all along. Loyal, handsome, brave..."

"Oh God". Berman paled.

Braga's eyes gleamed. "Think of the continuity! Of our devoted fans!"

Berman snatched his mobile. "Security", he hissed. "Quick! He's channeling Jeri Taylor again."

Around the Paramount lot, klaxon alarms rang out.

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