Kat's tatts

by Jinny W
September 2001

Disclaimer: Paramount owns 'em.

This is my five minute drabble response to Becca's fic challenge – to write a story about Kathryn & a tattoo.


"There", the doctor grouched. "You're done."

Kathryn poked her thigh. "Ouch!"

"You'll be tender until tomorrow."

"Great". She slipped up her pants. "Sometimes I think you leave it sore deliberately."

"Nobody believes me", he muttered. "Every single away mission she finds an alien bar…"


"I said, one of these days it will leave a scar."

As she strode away he called out, "Captain - this is the very last time."

"Yes doctor", she said meekly. "I promise."

The doctor grinned, retrieving the holo-imager he'd hidden on his desk.

" 'I've done it in the Delta Quadrant'," he smirked. "Gotcha!"


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