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Jinnah and Gandhi

Jinnah and Gandhi were contemporaries, colleagues and archrivals. However, despite the propaganda, Jinnah and Gandhi's personal relationship was based on mutual admiration and friendship as is evident in their pictures together.

The Clash of the titans

Gandhi said about Jinnah : 'Jinnah is Brave and Incorruptible'. At Gandhi's death, Jinnah said 'Gandhi was one of the greatest men ever'. With prospects of nuclear war looming large over Pakistan and india,

Sense of Humor

'You have mesmerized the Muslims' Said Gandhi. 'And you have hypnotized the Hindus' Retorted Jinnah.

"Brother Jinnah"

Despite the fact that Jinnah and Gandhi were arch rivals and complete opposites, Gandhi referred often referred to Jinnah as 'Brother Jinnah'. The peace loving people on both sides continue to look at this picture and wonder, 'Will Pakistan and India reach the same level of cordiality?'