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Why do we love Janeway?

"She's the captain." -Chakotay, "Caretaker"

Why are we Janeway Freaks? This captain is a great leader, a nice person, loyal to the core, etc. etc. We could go on but you've got better things to do than read why we think she rocks. But just like Janeway has won the loyalty of every crewmember, she had won the loyalty of hundreds of fans. The type of whom will slug you is who dare suggest she isn't the absolute greatest. The type whom dress like her, act like her, and signs on their doors reading "Captain's Quarters". The type of people who quote her, memorize her history, buy copies and learn it by heart. We are not the only ones who feel this way. We are merely a small part of many who do.

* * *

"I think Star Trek has a bigger effect on our lives then we realize. In Star Trek, as a general rule, people are accepted for what they bare. You could be a genius or dumber than a doornail, but it's OK. Captain Janeway accepted the Manquis into her crew, along with a Talaxian, a Ocompan, and a former Borg drone. She didn't say, 'Well, why should I? What good does it do me?' She just did. I think that's an attitude more people should have. If Star Trek does that, more power to it! Isn't it funny, the huge effect one show, that was cancelled, twice, had? People who would have never have met became best friends like us. Scientific advances have been made that may have never have been thought of, people have been inspired."-Kate

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