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Who Are We?

"At ease before you sprain something" -Janeway

KES is made up of, as we said, three teenage girls. Kate, Erin and Shel. A little about the each of us...


Erin- I'm 13 years old, and totally crazy! I do a lot of the editing on JF, mostly because I'm the only one who really knows HTML, unless Shel has been hiding her talent. I'm also the one who gets all the pictures, I've probably got one whole gig on my computer full of them! I really need to do something about that. I'm also probably responsible for any spelling mistakes, or just plain mistakes. If you have MSN Messager and you want to contact one of us via you'll probably get me. I don't know if Kate or Shel have MSN Messager. I love to write fanfiction, poetry, fiction, fantasy and science fiction. I've got a Klingon temper, have been riding horses (english) for three years, am the Commanding Officer of the USS StarBlazer, and totally totally totally love Kathryn Janeway!!!


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