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Lessons I've learned from Janeway and Voyager

(note: Some borrowed from "Why Janeway is Better Than Picard")

1. When diplomacy doesn't work, pull out a phaser rifle.
2. Stand by your crew; they'll stand by you.
3. When facing an enemy, use a "Janeway Death Glare" (note: this does not work on the Borg Queen or younger sisters).
4. Allies are a good thing. Just make sure your allies aren't warring with each other.
5. Coffee is never a bad thing.
6. Reading your history book isn't a bad thing; it'll come in handy when you get thrown back in time.
7. When you beam down to a planet, always carry a phaser and a lock pick. Not to mention extra comm badges, rations, transporter enhancers, and forcefield generators. Shoot, don't even leave the ship. Take it with you.
8. When you land your ship, make sure it can take off again (case in point; Enterprise-D, saucer section, Star Trek: Generations).
9. Bioneural gel packs get sick too.
10. Don't try leola root.
11. Never let Chakotay fly a shuttle if you want it back in one piece.
12. Never let Tom Paris fly a shuttle if you want more then a 50% chance of getting it back in one piece.
13. When going on a away mission, take a bunch of the crewmen from the lower decks. They'll be the ones who get killed/critically injured/assimalated first. Plus they'll come in handy for carrying the stuff mentioned in #7.
14. Naomi Wildman is not half as annoying as Wesley Crusher. How many "I-hate-Naomi-Wildman" sites do you see?
15. Yes, Janeway has an Irish accent and is from Indiana. But for pete sakes! Picard speaks with an English accent, and he's French!
16. Instead of trying to convince her enemies to act better, she goes ahead and tells them she hates their guts.
17. Janeway's holoprograms stay in the holodeck. With the exception of Michael Sullivan, but at least he didn't try to take the ship over, like Professer Moriarty.
18. Sneaky plans are good plans
19. When your in command of Voyager, everyone wants your blood.
20. Shuttles and Photon Torpido's can appere out of thin air when needed.

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