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New! Reviews!

What's new on JF?

October 13, 2002 - We finally have reviews up! Kate's working on the fan fiction page (which requires a lot more HTML work), so hopefully it'll be up within the next week. We're planning a lot of stuff, so be patient. Hopefully, we'll have a better-than-ever JF up and running by Halloween, Thanksgiving at the latest (for people outside the U.S., that's the last Thursday in November; not the Canadian Thanksgiving).
October 12, 2002 - OK, so all the promised stuff hasn't materilized yet. That's because Kate's had double pneumonia, and hasn't had the strength to type. But we do have the picture of ADMIRAL Kathryn Janeway, from Star Trek: Nemesis!

September 10, 2002- OK, after taking a break all summer, we're back and full of ideas! New websites will be coming up soon, including reviews of books (and maybe even episodes), and our own J/C, P/T, and anti C/7 pages. We'll also be combining "Who Are We?", "Who Is Janeway?" and "Why Do We Love Janeway?" into one page.
But for now, our gift to the Janeway Freaks of the world...a Yahoo groups list, dedicated to The Great One!
If you would like to join, please e-mail us and let us know.

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