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Ask Janeway

These are not replied to by THE REAL Janeway (no duh, hehe), just Kate, who does most (or rather- ALL) of the text for Janeway Freaks. Send us your question!

Dear Cpt. Janeway,
Is there any real reason you always push Chakotay away when we all know you love him? Yours truly, The Crew

To the Crew:
WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT, that is, where *did* you get that idea? ::nervous laugh::

Captain Janeway,
Have a nice day,
The Borg

I've heard *that* line before. Now, how many times have I told you children that you are not Borg anymore, and you are not supposed to play on the bridge!

Dear Janeway,
Let me join the crew! Please please please!!!

I would love to let you. You just need to get to the Delta Quadrant first.

Can you please talk to Seven about wearing a different, normal Starfleet uniform? Her current attire is rather…eye-catching, especially to Harr- certain crewmen.
The Do… Anonymous

I'll see what I can do.

Dearest Kathryn,
Will you marry me?
Cha- Anonymous

Dear Cha- Anonymous,
I wi-! I mean… Starfleet regulations would not permit me to marry while we are in the Delta Quadrant. It would interfere with my duties.

Captain Janeway,
How do you afford to change your hairstyle so much and keep it so still?

Well, it was pretty much the same during the first couple seasons. Then I cut it short, then I let it get a bit longer. As for staying still…lots of gel and hairspray.

Dear Janeway,
I know you're in love with Harry, why don't you marry him?
Who cares if he's younger than you?
Match Maker - I'm better than you- of Janeway's true love

::bursts out laughing:: HARRY!?!? HARRY KIM!?!? ::Tears because she's laughing so hard:: Notice: it's an honest to goodness J/KIMer!

Ah- HA! Avoiding question! BIG clue!
Match maker made in heaven

Oh, go away weird J/Ker.

Dear Janeway,
Were you in love with Mark as you`re in love with Chakotay?

No, I like Chak….that is, where does everyone get this ridculous idea that I'm in love with Chakotay? ::nervous laugh::

Dear Janeway,
How do you keep Stardates?

It is a very complicated system involving the Vulcan and Earth solar cycles, and the amount of wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Actually, it's pretty hard to translate to 21st-century terms, but you can get your own stardate calculator. As soon as I find the website again, I'll put it on the "Wormholes" page.

We have Chakotay. I will trade you. Chakotay for power and your replicators!
Cullah, soon to be King of the Kazon

::hits comm badge::
Janeway to Chakotay.
Chakotay here. What can I do for you, Captain?
Just checking up. I got some weird prank letter…

Dearest Kathy;
My offer still stands.

No thank you. I'm saving myself for Chako- someone else.

Dear Janeway,
What was your favorite VOY, DS9, TNG, TOS, and ENT episodes?
Ens. Cappinte

Is this another of Tom's weird things for the replicator ration betting pool?

Dear Janeway,
I have a GREAT cake recipe that Chakotay will LOVE! Want it?
Cadet Riy

Me? Cook? ::laughs:: No thank you. I have no wish to poison him. Give it to Neelix, though.

Dear Captain,
If Picard got to bring his lionfish, Data got to bring his cat, and Archer got to bring his dog, why couldn't you bring your dog?
Lt. J.G. Sara Zaike

At the time, I thought the mission would only last a couple weeks. Otherwise, I would have brought my dog.
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