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Janeway Links

Note: Fan fiction pages have been moved to Janeway Freaks’ Fan Fiction

If any of these sites are not working, please e-mail us and let us know. We will test them and remove them if we need to.
We’re sure that some of the sites that aren’t in the “Seal of Approval” category deserve to be there. However, we have to do this offline, so we really can’t check the sites and look it over. For the same reason, if one is in the wrong category, we can’t tell. If you would like to add your site or tell us about one that was put in the wrong category or doesn’t work, please e-mail us using the link on the main page.

Exclusively Janeway – What JF is all about!
Janeway Rocks! (duh!) Erin’s Janeway page, pre-JF
Captain Kathryn Janeway’s website

Pages to the E.I; Earthly Incarnation, a.k.a. Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mulgrew
Totally Kate! The Offical Kate Mulgrew page

P/T - Other than Janeway, one of the things we love!
Beloved B’Elanna

Voyager Only – Cool pages about our favorite ship and crew
Top 100 Star Trek: Voyager pages
StarTrek.com’s Voyager Finale The site that was made for the end of Voyager. Includes a virtual tour of Voyager.
Vidiot’s Star Trek: Voyager Pages
Star Trek Voyager Forum
Star Trek: Voyager quiz How much do you know?

All-around Star Trek sites – About all five series
Which Star Trek character are you? A quiz on which Star Trek character you are. Ranks whom you’re most like.
StarTrek.com The official Star Trek site
The Star Trek Nexus Ultimate Guide To All Things Star Trek On The Net
The Great Link
The Captain’s Bridge

Trek sites that have nothing to do with Voyager, but we like ‘em anyway – Title explains it all!
Which Enterprise character are you?

KES’ Vote of Approval! – Super sites! Must see!
The Trek Nation
Captain on The Bridge
Janet’s Star Trek: Voyager site So much stuff, it’s overwhelming!

Hilarious links! – Comics! Parodies! LOL ROFL stuff!
Star Trek Minutiae Check out the Humor Archives and Voyager Coronary! (note: requires a sense of humor. If you don’t have one, go to the Humor Archives. You can download one there.)
K’Pinky and the Brain The story of two mice, attempting to take over the galaxy.
Stone Trek The Flintstones – with starships.
Sev Trek Check out Sev Trek!

Language sites – Speak Klingon? How about Vulcan? Find the sites you need here!
Vulcan Language Institute Learn how to speak Vulcan!
Klingon Language Institute For all of those people who want to speak Klingon.
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