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Recently discovered by Danton Burroughs
From the Danton Burroughs Archive
Portrait of a young Danton by his father
John Coleman Burroughs

Border Town Girl
Two baby pictures in chalk by John Coleman Burroughs
From the Linda Felix Collection
Dear Sir,
I acquired two original paintings by artist John Coleman Burroughs from a family friend when she passed away about four years ago.  I had always admired the pictures but had no clue as to who the artist was and just simply enjoyed them.  A friend recently suggested that I try to find out who the artist was and I found the information on your web site.  The pictures are in chalk and are of a black baby and a hispanic baby and the hispanic baby picture is titled "Border Town Girl."  I would appreciate and information you might have on these pictures as I have no idea of their value or back ground as to when they were drawn.  My friend's name was Alice Baker and she was married to Art Baker the television personality.
Linda Felix

Paintings from the Stufflebeam Collection

Crying Girl by John Coleman Burroughs
Crying Girl
Charcoal on canvas ~ 24" x 30" ~ The Stiritz Collection
John Coleman Burroughs gave this remarkable charcoal to friend Helen Blaufuss.  Ms. Blaufuss spent many months of each year helping to teach indian children on reservations and this is probably where they met. Native children were some of JCB's most popular subjects. The owners, James and Suzanne Stiritz, know little more about this piece, but believe it has seen magazine publication at some time. They invite our readers to share information or comments about this very interesting portrait study.


Nicolai Fechin

We discovered the work of this remarkable artist while researching the life and work of John Coleman Burroughs. Since Fechin was a major influence on JCB we featured him in our John Coleman Burroughs series of tribute pages at ERBzin-e 349.  We noted in the short bio that we compiled that he had left his native Russia under the sponsorship of an American patron. It was a welcome surpise then when we heard from the great grandson of Fechin's American patron: William Stimmel. Brian Stimmel has generously agreed to share photos of two Fechin paintings in his personal collection: portraits of his great grandparents that Fechin had done in appreciation of their patronage.

Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. William Stimmel by Nicolai Fechin
From the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Stimmel

My name is Brian Stimmel and I own two portraits by Fechin. They have been in my family since their inception.  My great grandfather, William S. Stimmel, was influential in bringing Fechin to the United States.  These portraits are of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Stimmel.

Fechin painted them in 1925 in appreciation for all my great grandfather had done for him. You will see my great grandfather's name mentioned in biographies of Fechin on how influential he was in bringing him to the United States. One of the most striking things about them is their size.  Each measures roughly 29"W by 35"H. (Approximately life-size)

We have, and will continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Brian Stimmel


Old Faithful by J. Allen St. John
from the Judith Hernstadt Collection

I own an early oil painting by St. John and I wonder if you have any ideas on who might have ideas for research on his EARLY landscapes. The subject is OLD FAITHFUL and it was probably done before 1900.  I am trying to find the exhibition records for St. John and his mother in the US and France before 1910. I have checked the usual sources and even tried the Art Institute of chicago but I have been told that they have not found anything that early. Maybe it is in very deep mysterious storage somewhere???

My computer helper has sent OLD FAITHFUL for your enjoyment---curiosity, etc. and you can  let others see it . Thanks for your help in my research. Tarzan books were amongst my favorites as a kid so this means a lot to me too. This St. John research seems to have real meaning and is in keeping with the American spirit of adventure.

Somewhere out there we will find some art dealers or museums who will realize they have works by him that are excellent. I have spoken with quite a few and the name does not register but when told the various  achievements they say it is interesting.Thus the need to document earlier museum and exhibition records. It may even be that this painting was done on one of the trips ...mentioned in your article... with E. Torrey since the date on stretcher seems to be 1888. I will let you know if I hear anything.

Judith Hernstadt

Hello Mr. Hillman. I am the proud owner of an original oil of John Coleman Burroughs that was handed down to me by my Mother. She bought it one night in a Manhattan Beach restaurant. She saw it on the wall, and bought it! It is of a cute little black girl with pigtails. Please contact me and let me know if you're interested in purchasing this. It has his full signature of "John Coleman Burroughs".

I would love to put my JCB on ERBzin-e! Thank you! I have some work that I'm in the midst of at the moment that is tying up alot of my time, but you'll hear back from me shortly! I have so enjoyed your web pages. Thank you for forwarding the last bit on JCB - I really enjoyed it! I'm very excited to learn more, and cannot believe I've had this painting in my possession for all these years, and never knew what a treasure I was holding! THANK YOU!
Kasey Tyler

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